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Headset & Lavalier Microphones user reviews

  • AKG C 411

    AKG C 411 - Arts en Scène's review


    Used for 4 years, no further testing before. + Easy to use, robust, usable in systems HF - Its a bit sour Good value for money, choice again (I 4) and again! …

  • AKG C 410

    AKG C 410 - djmrjack's review


    * How long do you use? Buy in 1992. At beginners with the supply boti B9 ghost and the wire leg, and thereafter with a diversity director rcepteur RF Nady 201. * What is the specific feature you like best, the least? Most: + An impressive s…

  • Toa WM-320

    Toa WM-320 - toinou63's review


    http://www.toaelectronics.com/library_disc.asp …

  • AKG C 410

    AKG C 410 - snake37's review


    I use it since 1995 coupled with a box B9 I like its convenience as drummer and doing some singing and choirs at the same time .. that side of the microphone headband niquel is better than a fixed microphone that requires to be always near the head…

  • Audio-Technica AT892CW

    Audio-Technica AT892CW - Niko_ze_senicer's review


    I find this microphone headband quite friendly, I could try them recently on a play, and so far, so good ... it is relatively unobtrusive, and delivers a relatively clear and easily exploitable later, while being strong enough to Feedback I appre…

  • Sennheiser HSP 4

    Sennheiser HSP 4 - Popelier's review


    Used for 1 year and a half ... Concert and DJ. What I like most: lgret. What I like least: THE PRICE ... And a lot about the feedback ... And for one week, the SAV In fact large cracks have appeared in recent weeks at the slightest contact with…

  • SD Systems FX1

    SD Systems FX1 - hic's review


    - Have you tried many other models before acqurir? - Can you recommend an other models? - Do you know sell new or used? Thank you for your rponses. …

  • The T.bone CC 75

    The T.bone CC 75 - Bstring's review


    Capacitor OVERALL OPINION Impressive. I use for my violin and it's really good trs. I have two violin readers who are expensive and void and I have several forms of 'pickups' pezio quite expensive too. With the CC75 is the best sound - a real …

  • Shure WBH54T

    Shure WBH54T - lavrug.b's review


    I use it recently, and I am super happy with the report: very good sound, no pop, RAS …

  • SD Systems FX1

    SD Systems FX1 - steffguibo's review


    1 year of use, not yet changed the battery very good system for the flute excellent value for money, tried with condenser microphones this has nothing to do This is the system for flute …