Shure WH20QTR
Shure WH20QTR

WH20QTR, Headset & Lavalier Microphone from Shure.

Olivier08 11/17/2006

Shure WH20QTR : Olivier08's user review


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I am a drummer and I use it for at least three years.
Well, it's not too expensive, but is exactly what has worth. It's not terrible at all. It is sorely lacking from a potato micro "normal". We must push the excessive gain on the table to be at the level of their classmates singing beautiful SM 58. As for the sound, it is a little dirty. It's been a voice of "transistor", the limit of the nasal, with medium excess, and it is almost impossible to correct. Ct dsagrable other when one is a drummer, a reverts from everywhere. So much so that in small rooms, one could almost do without over head. Only solutio: put a noise gate of hell, but a little more complicated things ... I'm going to see even when in the range above, because that's really lightweight, lightweight ...