Shure Beta 54
Shure Beta 54

Beta 54, Headset & Lavalier Microphone from Shure in the BETA series.

Poupoun69 01/01/2007

Shure Beta 54 : Poupoun69's user review


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It is a vocal microphone, with the same capsule as the BETA 53 (except that it is omnidirectional). It is more suited to the scne returns, clubs, bars, ... short o sound places can tend to turn a bit and give feedback.

The address of the data sheet, the official site, so in English:

I had never given an opinion since I have ...

Trs good microphone that satisfies me for now at least 2 years.


- The dicrtion (in size)
- Its lgretbr /> - sound
- For the Feedback trs trs when there


- Capsule, which tends to move from time to time
- May be its a bit cold even when, but I'm not ing sound, so I do not blame the microphone.

Used in HF, it is worth sr, with a discreet look pretty cool because, trs sound good, but dpend the strip you derrire, comp ... Can be a little expensive.