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Headset & Lavalier Microphones user reviews

  • Sennheiser MKE40EW

    Sennheiser MKE40EW - " A very nice micro"


    I use this mic for a very short time. I bought the version with EW-jack for connection to HF transmitter, with the intention of doing it myself in the wired adapter for use with Phantom power supply (which I did, and frankly I do not regret not to ha…

  • Sennheiser ME3

    Sennheiser ME3 - " correct"


    micro just okay ... the capsule is insufficient! it is rather well made and robust, especially for the storage was hard. level discretion can do better. I preferred it BEYERDYNAMIC Opus 54.09 .. …

  • K&K AT-668

    K&K AT-668 - " Correct"


    Construction fragile but works well with vocals and acoustic guitars. Avoid with guit.électrique because it saturates quickly. Value at the top. …

  • DPA Microphones SC4060

    DPA Microphones SC4060 - kojejefroots's review


    omni cardio, I think electret Al use the cheek for singers COMMAND music, or al chest of the body-rhythm ... Excellent! OVERALL OPINION Bought about a year ago I have a lot of headset used before: Of Audix, Shure, Sennheiser ... Nu…

  • DPA Microphones SC4060

    DPA Microphones SC4060 - " To reveal an acoustic ambience"


    mahous pokey but sturdy. OVERALL OPINION I have had a pair for just over a year. When there's a good atmosphere, good acoustics and you have to be discreet they are perfect. Ironically, I do not find them as interesting as lavalier microphones. Th…

  • Audio-Technica AT831R

    Audio-Technica AT831R - " Great product"


    Bought two in there, I use this product on a gypsy guitar Dell Arte. Plugged into a power schedule, I register a Jam-man with me and the result (on a Fender amp) is very good. The pros: light - his true level - robust - no feedback (except in fr…

  • Shure WH20XLR

    Shure WH20XLR - " Not bad"


    Dynamic headband microphone (for the song ... mostly logic). So dynamic ... not require phantom power. Frequency response: 50Hz-15kHz (narrower than a lot of microphones). OVERALL OPINION Recently purchased, I had already bought a few years…

  • K&K AT-668
  • DPA Microphones SC4060

    DPA Microphones SC4060 - "A useful microphone"


    small top of the range electret microphone FOR: - Recording ambient sounds (in binaural stereo or enough apart (40 cm) if we want a proper stereo image (if not it goes into special effect territory with comb filter and phase shift, but that could be…

  • AKG C 411

    AKG C 411 - " Micro-utility diversion"


    I use it for 1 year. AS INSTRUMENT NO PICKUP, BUT AS PICKUP OF PERCUSSION, it does! (On a violin, it makes me nosebleed!) I compared to Beta 91, Crown PZM, Crown PCC160, C-ducer in capturing podorythmy / tap dancing by placing it on the dance f…