The T.bone CC 75
fouineblanche 07/16/2007

The T.bone CC 75 : fouineblanche's user review


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That micro tears in this is that it is convenient for dangerous lives. at least if you pete c less than 40 euros.
I use it with a UHF case, so that the cable does not bother me at all.
it's really an exceptional microphones because it concurrently AKG series of the same apparatus.
I do not know if Thomann have trials, but it's so much copy for a ridiculous price.


So I have been using it a year and I am EXTREN satisfied, cash not really high pressure and I Rejoinder prior notice.
Jazz for the Jazz and free cash it difficult pressures and studio takes far too much ambient.
However it is one of the best sax mics I've had for a price of € 40. in fact the only micro c low-end that I buy but as the series of Tbone thomann do cese to amaze me I thought why not.
and the results is that I stay on my ass and I wonder why there is such a ecard in price between the microphones and other high-end performance that are only very few Remarc in the studio.
and that's why I find this exceptional microphones, so I put him on September 1