DPA Microphones SC4060

SC4060, Headset & Lavalier Microphone from DPA Microphones in the d:screet series.

LeBonzAie 09/25/2011

DPA Microphones SC4060 : LeBonzAie's user review

«  To reveal an acoustic ambience »

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mahous pokey but sturdy.


I have had a pair for just over a year. When there's a good atmosphere, good acoustics and you have to be discreet they are perfect. Ironically, I do not find them as interesting as lavalier microphones. Their positioning is therefore essential. I recorded a choir made of two soloists and a quartet with the only two microphones in a church. I dared to record them with a zoom H4n. I still got a decent sound. In short, the DPA 4060 can really be up to the job in many configurations. The sound is sharp and precise, they take it well. Good preamps will do them even more justice. I use a preamp on a portable EAA PSP2 Edirol R44 and they are tops. Be careful though indoors e.g. in rooms with questionable acoustics. PADs will accurately pick up all these unpleasant sounds. Finally, they are omnis, you know what I mean... I do not regret my purchase at all. They give me a fantastic atmosphere and are very discreet. This is their main advantage. If we do not care, we can find something more practical. Musically, on guitar, I prefer other close miking options as they sound a bit cold. At the end of the day, it also all depends on what has been put behind. In short I recommend it for the uses mentioned.