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Deweak 10/16/2007

The T.bone HC95 : Deweak's user review


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I got this mic now, so I publish this opinion after using the HC95 in different configurations.

For now, the few tests have been conclusive. The microphone is right still in place, I have tried a few minutes before finding the right investment because no illustration is provided. In fact the photo would suggest that the headband is worn like a headset when he must pass behind the head.

I bought this microphone to trigger the vocoder of my V-Synth GT, for that use it seem to be perfectly adequate.

I have not tried to use it for singing. It does not seem that bad: no feedback, sensitivity to the breath as long as reasonable not to position the membrane in the direct axis of the mouth and nose (after all, a static).

For now, since we put a note I put 7, but it is too early to speak definitively.