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Samson Technologies Earset
Samson Technologies Earset
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tontonbrahms tontonbrahms

«  Great concept but ... »

Publié le 09/29/12 à 13:13

I bought this headset for the interesting concept of having everything in the microwave.
More belt transmitter, over cable, a headset that just clings to the ear with the microphone color invisible chair and voila.
The receiver is the size of a pack of tic tac aluminum macbook so with two antennas that come from inside the box.
All on Li / ion to use pure nomadic possible.
The box is super soft plastic / rigid. plenty of room and everything is tidy.

Really a great product until the branch ...

The sound of the microphone is dull, a lot of background noise and ambient. The microphone is omnidirectional and grabs whatever is in the room.
it's a shame everything is nickel except the sound is really bad.
On the site of Samson and his record sales it very suitable for high mobility such sports gym / aerobics and more. It does not boast its acoustic qualities.


miniaturization of micro transmitter and receiver
well equipped with beautiful box, three foam microphones etc ...


Sound very average and much ambient noise