DPA Microphones 4088

4088, Headset & Lavalier Microphone from DPA Microphones in the d:fine series.

angeloyo 11/17/2013

DPA Microphones 4088 : angeloyo's user review

«  great sound »

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Jet took there 2 years, 3 of these mics for my group of three singers,
My style of music is Gipsy King, the ways of its powerful singers
these micro cash without saturation! the top!
he must have used to sing with screw head, because when you turn the head, micro follows you! but since two years now that there is more attention.
This is why on the bodypack transmitter, jet install a small switch to quickly mute the microphone.
the sound of the microphone DPA is a finesse and great clarity.
insensitive to feedback when it is set to the mix of course!
this is the top of vocal microphone for stage or another, it's pro!!
was compared with a beta 87.
I served in the early evening when you have to play around invited
with our wireless guitars too.
then removed for stage I used Shure beta 58 GLXD4
and connected with cables guitars DI