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PA & Live Sound user reviews

  • Line 6 StageSource L2m

    Line 6 StageSource L2m - "A good choice for some"


    As a live sound engineer and occasional performer, I thought it might compliment my extensive collection of P.A speakers in many brands. I decided on the L2"M"s as I do not need the built-in mixer and thought the more bells, the more opportunity for…

  • Yamaha Stagepas 400i

    Yamaha Stagepas 400i - "Good but..."


    There's always a but... in this case it's the sound the amp's cooling fans make! It's useless in "quiet" environments, which is a pity (it seems to be a chronic issue with all stagepasses). It's OK for bars. It has the typical Yamaha sound: The mid…

  • JBL MP418SP

    JBL MP418SP - "JBL MP418SP" has images


    Hi my name is Renaldo Mystic, I am in the market to purchase a pair of JBL MP-418SP. Please contact me at (718) 537-0075 or renaldomystic@hotmail.com or odlanermusic@yahoo.com. …

  • JBL EON 515XT

    JBL EON 515XT - "They deliver"


    I've been using them for one year, we also have the Eon 515, the XT are more powerful but with a lesser sound quality than the 515, which are more "balanced." The highs seem a bit shrill on the XT. They have a very interesting price, given their powe…

  • Electro-Voice ELX112P

    Electro-Voice ELX112P - " ev elx 112 passive version"


    I bought a pair of theses speakers less than a month ago and they are great (250w rms)! Very good sound reproduction across the entire frequency range from 50 hz to 18khz! I used them with a crown xli 1500 amp (2x330 rms) and it's perfect, although l…

  • Ibiza Sound AMP- 600
  • Yamaha EMX640

    Yamaha EMX640 - "A workhorse among powered mixers"


    I bought it in 1999 (yes, last century) for small venues. It was my first powered mixer and I still have it (in 2013): That says a lot about its longevity and sturdiness. I still rent it from time to time together with a couple of speakers and it d…

  • JBL PRX612M

    JBL PRX612M - "Big sound, Priced right"


    The JBL PRX612M is a 1000 watt active speaker with a 12 inch speaker in it. It only weighs around 35 pounds and is made for the road. Out of all of the times that I have moved this speaker around so far, I have noticed that it doesn’t scratch easy an…

  • QSC KLA12

    QSC KLA12 - "QSC delivered with this one"


    The QSC KLA 12 cost over 2500 dollars and is worth every single penny of that price! It is a 1,000 watt active speaker with a 1.75 inch high frequency driver and a 12 inch low frequency driver. It has adjustable frequency optimization features and a …

  • QSC KW152

    QSC KW152 - "Shouldn't cost this much"


    The QSC KW 152 is a 1000 watt speaker that has a 15 inch low frequency driver and a 1.75 inch high freq driver. This speaker was a lot heavier than I expected it to be, it weighs around 65 – 70 pounds. It has 2 XLR outputs and 1 XLR combo input and 2…