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PA & Live Sound user reviews

  • RCF HDL 10-A

    RCF HDL 10-A - " RCF: Versatile and Powerful !!!"


    Purchased in May compound system: 6x HDL 10-A RCF 4x 8004 SUB-AS 2x Fly Bar HDL10 1x DX 2006 Rain Cover Kit (Very useful, or even necessary!) Heads flight case by 2 by Conex, Subs equipped with castors with covers Uses: Live DJ, PA, …

  • Prodipe MC-1 UHF DIVERSITY

    Prodipe MC-1 UHF DIVERSITY - " Price"


    Hello there It seems to me that the average price displayed is that of an MC-1 wire. and not the wireless MC-1 UHF. …

  • Wharfedale Focus 152

    Wharfedale Focus 152 - " Rather nice"


    How long have you use it? A few months indoors and walking thunder! may be a bit too sharp but hey you not want to pavilion Eminence LT250. What thing do you like most and least? This low, acute nice! Have you tried many other models before b…

  • Camco Tecton 24.4

    Camco Tecton 24.4 - " Powerful and reliable"


    I used camco tecton 24.4 for 1 year, I have not had to try to hire another tecton series, but the peculiarity of this amp is its first power of spontaneous sounds clear, highly sensitive protection in case Short circuit.Aucun heating problem has 8 & …

  • the box CL 108/115 Basis Bundle

    the box CL 108/115 Basis Bundle - " I love"


    I just buy the bundle 108/115 with 2SUB and before I had another Peavy bundle that I have made because I found it too soft enough to yield, its unclear; commercial home toto advised me to buy this bundle (the box) and I'm really pleased, c is the sou…

  • TPA Kama TP-960

    TPA Kama TP-960 - " fabulous"


    great line array, powerful and precise, sub are hitting! …

  • Omnitronic BX-1550

    Omnitronic BX-1550 - " intéréssant"


    I had a box ibiza (active) of the same power and the same formal (15 "), it really was not pleasant to hear, between parasites (incurable) and the sound too" metal "in all frequencies. But I could compare with this pack (buy for 90 € TTC) amplifie…

  • Stentor PR 38

    Stentor PR 38 - " The sound of the time"


    This range speaker output Stentor I believe in 1987-88. Equipped with Audax and Beyma, it was the first series of professional speakers composite. The range consisted of a box at 46, at 38, a 3-way and 2-way as a Photo. It was very innovative for its…

  • Matrix Amplification Q12A

    Matrix Amplification Q12A - " pro gear"


    I use since December 2013. It's solid stuff, pretty light. I needed a FRFR to play with my AXE FX 2. Refairais I without hesitation that choice, btw I'll probably order a 2iem for stereo. Note that in repeated if the drummer is a bully and if everyon…

  • SEAS 27TBCD/GB-DXT H1499

    SEAS 27TBCD/GB-DXT H1499 - " Pending"


    I heard on the following forum tests (measurements) on http://www.zaphaudio.com/tweetermishmash/ http://www.audioheuristics.org/measurements/Testing/Seas% 2027DXT% 20horn/Seas_DXT.htm http://www.audioexcite.com/?page_id=2242 hifi use (repla…

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