HDL 10-A, Array Speaker Cabinet from RCF in the HDL series.

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dynaglide 06/16/2014

RCF HDL 10-A : dynaglide's user review

«  a marvel! »

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After 3 exciting locations in the big brother HDL20 a colleague, I finally fell for a HDL10A kit, more in line with my needs. 8 heads for the moment with a reinforcement of 4 subwoofers 18 '8004AS, Flights and CONEX covers made in France by unpoint6.
Currently a DJ set and a small tribute Rock. So not much recoil but the qualities recognized in the HDL20 include: rewarding finish for the price, ease of use and a sacred fishing! The color is more metallic than I had retained the HDL20, and I think I need to resize some more frequencies. But rock is perfect with a grain Martin A not displease me. On voice, it's sharp and clear. The power is there, far beyond the Kara.
the 8004 subs are monstrous, the DJ had a great time. A huge performance with a welcome around 125/150 fishing. A priori we can also combine them with Brother 8006. I noticed that RCF has strengthened ties on pins and new protections rains rigid plastics are very professional. A flat, RCF must review its shape software designer, but certainly free too basic compared to truly incredible performance of the system. So EASE!
In short, a T4 budget for a system rivaling the stuff of tech record