Yamaha DXR15
Yamaha DXR15

DXR15, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Yamaha in the DXR series.

gegemusik 06/25/2014

Yamaha DXR15 : gegemusik's user review

«  good powerful sound »

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I just bought 2 DRX15
First use the inner power there's no problem it takes the sound is superb Verily
2emm use the pool (music festival) the superpower sound very door loing
sound clarity very well the bass is very present (dub guitar and bass and drums) for channel mediums give his attention to the very clear way to not put too much bass!
I can compare with montarbo and rcf I prefer DRX15 definitely malgrés price € 750
the least weight 19k
more clarity of sound (the way!)
the scope of his very long in outdoor
power with very low present

today I will do the same choice