Yamaha DXR15
Yamaha DXR15

DXR15, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Yamaha in the DXR series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha DXR15

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 7 reviews )
 3 reviews43 %
 2 reviews29 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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anim24's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" dxr15 with alto tssub18"

Yamaha DXR15
I use them for one month, all alone,
ssay of having AudioPhony, jbl, rcf, hk, bose, martin audio.
the sound is clear, powerful, good dynamics, the space with weight.
I now use with a subwoofer tssub18 alto, and I must admit that all goes perfectly balanced, with a very homogeneous.
for me the value for money is good despite high asser price
as both a 1498euros and has two covers 110euros required.
I use them for a month or so for if I go that choice, maybe if yamaha lower price.

kiki85's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Beautiful pregnant!"

Yamaha DXR15
I bought two new yamaha dxr15 € 1500 for 8 months, they served me 10 times. I'd buy before élokance elo800c pack, but it was not powerful enough, now it's good.

I like most:
Them power
Them look
-Product quality
-The price / quality ratio

I like least:
It slight lack of bass that "tape", so I think in the future invest in two subwoofers in the same range.

The price / quality ratio is good, and yes I do it again this choice without hesitation experience, buying two subwoofers with.

gegemusik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good powerful sound"

Yamaha DXR15
I just bought 2 DRX15
First use the inner power there's no problem it takes the sound is superb Verily
2emm use the pool (music festival) the superpower sound very door loing
sound clarity very well the bass is very present (dub guitar and bass and drums) for channel mediums give his attention to the very clear way to not put too much bass!
I can compare with montarbo and rcf I prefer DRX15 definitely malgrés price € 750
the least weight 19k
more clarity of sound (the way!)
the scope of his very long in outdoor
power with very low present

today I will do the same choice
Charly Pap08/14/2013

Charly Pap's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I recommend"

Yamaha DXR15
It is now one year since I bought two DXR15.
On a DXR15 already two failures in less than one year ...
First down faulty potentiometer. The sound spits, 5 weeks sav ...
Second always fails on the same DXR15, power supply by default. (Not necessarily taken as collateral after the repair) still sav to date, already four weeks.
A total of 1 year, I used 5 times DXR15, with 9 weeks of sav in the view.
The quality of the electrical part is not the appointment.
I am very careful with my equipment, never shocked, not connected to generator ... use good father.
Ps: No fault on the other DXR15 sound quality is decent.

defre2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" First successful test"

Yamaha DXR15
First test in the evening DJ GP 200 people in a well damped with a good acoustic treatment.
2 heads DXR 15, no sub, PC music in mp3 and wave 320 usb sound card external sound
Not easy to do a full review when we spend the evening behind the speakers! I liked the definition balanced sound that pushes hard without aggressiveness top of the spectrum.
I love the sound quality, the power reserve, the overall look and richness of the rear panel.
I regretted the absence of upper handle and weight (22 kg) to mount up to 1.60 m it starts to weigh, for me anyway.
I used RCF 412 A with a sub, with DXR 15 power is really a step up especially in low and 150 people in general programming the sub is superfluous.
A very good value for money, I have to buy protective covers that seem indispensable.

With this series DXR Yamaha and Nexo did a very good job, electronic processing and filtering is remarkable, even if the surge occurs a little too hard to protect pregnant!
I remake that choice without problem

rouldug's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" They do!"

Yamaha DXR15
I use them for a few days.
We had old FBT Maxx 2 speakers and sound for a facade of rock band, and PA speakers did not sound enough in the grave.
So they were replaced by the model.
The sound is full, accurate and powerful in the bass (they show each 750W RMS).
The tweeters pretty sparkle.
There is no pitch correction, just a DSP who "enhance" the signal (by automatically equalizes the profile is "sound" - more bass and treble - or "Monitor / return" - more of medium - or "linear" - DSP off).
It should therefore provide a graphic equalizer (15 bands one is more than enough) to refine the tweeters.
The price is mid-range, but the quality is at the end.
We will wear, but a priori it is good. Yamaha sound worth it.
SW Events08/14/2012

SW Events's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good price / quality ratio!"

Yamaha DXR15
I use two DXR DXS 15 and a casing 15 for 4 months.
I hesitated with the DSR Series from Yamaha.
The price and weight have convinced me.
Yes, I know ... those are not pregnant ABS and wooden and blah ...
For my part, with this configuration (I think I still buy a second box later) I am fully satisfied. That is fine for my use mainly discomobile.
The sound quality and power are at RDV. The many DSP settings can adapt to all situations.
The only downside is perhaps a slight lack of smoothness in the high frequency but really nothing nasty
If I had to make that choice, I do it again without hesitation.