CLA604A, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from FBT in the Vertus CLA series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
 3 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Dnhs5500's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good clarity and projection"

Enclosure that are very accurate in acute mediums.
The space is small, it's lightweight (10kg) and is discreet visually by its column design.

The other thing about this place is its projection in my opinion, let me explain:
The first use I was pleasantly surprised with a relatively low volume on the whole the sound is spread efficiently within a reasonable distance. Volume loss related to the distance seemed less than pregnant "classic" design.
Moreover, the opening angle is large, so that with the two speakers coverage area is interesting.
Finally, even being behind the speaker, or sides, the sound is audible and quality without much effect "choking".

A point also well thought lies in the possibility of coupling multiple systems easily and without feet. Indeed, the box can be compact stacker (one on the other) have pregnant with safety pins to fix them to one another and are integrated in the bindings to casing maintain pregnant.

The integrated DSP can adapt to different configurations (projection, max spl pregnant coupled)

In summary, an excellent speaker who wants to spread wide to medium volume; even if it is far from being ridiculous when you turn up the sound, the power expressed in watts rms pretending well appointment.
The original concept of this place, coupled with the sound quality delivered in a very interesting product to discover.

Attention because of its design, the subwoofer is indispensable. And when used with housings provided for; namely that the frequency range covered does not drop below 50hz.

The value for money is good in my case; I have a stereo system and plans to purchase a second.

hchady's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great system!"

I already have the system PROMAXX (15SA 2 pedestals and 2 heads 14a).
Since the acquisition of virtues, I stopped using the system PROMAXX which is normally a bit more powerful but with a sound quality below the virtues.

I, unwanted 2 heads with 2 sub virtues sound with my group (7 persons). the result is really good compared to the size of the speakers.

gulboz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

I rented the system with 2 subs + 2 heads for a weekend.
I was very impressed by the smoothness of the sound. Moreover, there is no significant aggression. The tones are reproduced with great fidelity. The system approaches HiFi, but it does not match the fidelity of my Atohm GT1 lounge system.

Use has been made in providing outdoor jazz group (vocals / bass clarinet / acoustic guitar / harmonica / North Electro3 / battery but not mic-ed) with around a hundred people in the audience. There was ample power in this context. The system was configured with 1 +1 sub head to the right, and the same on the left, and all the musicians behind so no "foot bath" foldback.
I had problems with feedback on a static (Neumann KMS104). The next day in rehearsal so a small closed room, the same problem.

I had opted to rent the system with a view to buying, but because of this feedback problem, I hesitant even if the configuration without "foot bath" foldback is especially attractive for mixing live. With me just being a musician, probably a good engineer would have solved this feedback problem. Anyway, I'll wait a hypothetical purchase and read other opinions.