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FBT Powered PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • FBT Jolly 8b a

    FBT Jolly 8b a - "Very clean"


    You can't go wrong with the FBT Jolly 8Ba. Keyboards amps can't even come close. It's a matter of preference, but it came down to one of these and the JBLPRX612M. In the end, I liked the tighter bass of the Jolly 8Ba and the sound of my Yamaha pianos…

  • FBT Jolly 8b a

    FBT Jolly 8b a - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by dj ted/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Incredible loudspeaker. I haven't found anything similar in this product range. This compact, light (less than 18 lb.) and sturdy loudspeaker produces a very high quality sound.…

Translated user reviews
  • FBT EvoMaxX 2a

    FBT EvoMaxX 2a - " ok but ......."


    hello ca do three months that I use these speakers for small services such see 80 to 100 people. before these speakers I have used rcf art 312a mk2 that I loved but also jbl, AudioPhony curve ect ... what I like most c is light weight (12kg barel…

  • FBT ProMaxX 12a

    FBT ProMaxX 12a - " Excellent !!"


    Used for 2 years now .. Before, I was a hardcore RCF, still active: Art 300A, 500A Art, Art 322A. I was anyway too faces the perennial problem of attachment condenser over a series (including my pair part) broke and was causing some kind of sho…

  • FBT HiMaxX 60a

    FBT HiMaxX 60a - " Big sound 60a"


    Hello everyone, having toured with himaxx 40a + sub himaxx 100SA, I decided for smaller parties to make me a pair of 60a. As the title says very very big sound, quality always fbt to go, great product for its quality manufacturing that sound, only do…

  • FBT CLA604A

    FBT CLA604A - " Very good clarity and projection"


    Enclosure that are very accurate in acute mediums. The space is small, it's lightweight (10kg) and is discreet visually by its column design. The other thing about this place is its projection in my opinion, let me explain: The first use I was…

  • FBT Jolly 8b a

    FBT Jolly 8b a - " Concentrate quality!"


    I have a pair of these speakers for less than a year. I have chosen after testing several times sisters Jolly 8RA same tiller but a little less powerful. I have not been disappointed. Whether it back to the ground, sides on foot or by diffusion in sm…

  • FBT J 12A

    FBT J 12A - " odor problem"


    I bought 2 fbt A j12 there a week and I am satisfied with this product its good quality but it's been a week that I use and early sketch in a weird smell but the smell persists see a smell of burning unbearable is this normal please …

  • FBT ProMaxX 14a

    FBT ProMaxX 14a - " questionable data"


    I use it for a month. I sang on many brands DB Opera 405 (good for up to 120 people), LD Systems ETC ..., RCF (too much treble and bass terrible lack of medium). How can you get sharp 300 watts RMS continuous with a driver (B & C DE 602-16) that …

  • FBT ProMaxX 12a

    FBT ProMaxX 12a - " Anticipated problems after several months of use"


    After a little more than a year of service, a speaker on the two that I bought no longer wanted out of her, and it randomly. It works a few minutes, stops, it starts again ... or will not restart. He even got me to connect to the beginning of the ser…