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  • Fostex FT17H

    Fostex FT17H - "Excellent Tweeter à Compression" has images


    J' utilise ces tweeters avec des 12" Alnico GAMMA, des AUDAX PR170ZO, les fréquences de coupure sont 600 Hz et 6000 Hz. Le rendement est élevé et le rendu sonore est très bon, pas métallique mais plutôt naturel, ils supportent très bien la puissance.…

  • Eminence Kappa Pro-15A

    Eminence Kappa Pro-15A - "Eminence Kappa Pro 15a"


    Alright here's the deal, I was playing in a band that played any and all gigs. My bass rig had to be prepared to play a coffee house or a 1200 seat club. It would then sit in a trailer on it's way to the next town and possibly get abused by the ope…

  • Eminence Beta-12A

    Eminence Beta-12A - "Eminence Beta 12A"


    Last month I picked up an unloaded '67 Fender Bandmaster 2x12 cabinet and since it is such a huge cabinet I thought it could work well for bass with the use of a Fender Bassman head. My next task was finding speakers that would work well with t…

  • Eminence APT:80

    Eminence APT:80 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by rod 971/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Great tweeter considering its price. You don't have a big budget? Don't look any further! Almost as expensive as the piezo tweeters I formerly used but way better... SOUNDS V…

Translated user reviews
  • Beyma CP-350/Ti

    Beyma CP-350/Ti - " great"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? fair for a pair of hi-fi speakers with a couple sm 112n Beyma. use a marantz pm 4400 amp SOUNDS The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral? yes they are perfectly ride on paved Ciare alue in the…

  • B&C Speakers 10HPL64

    B&C Speakers 10HPL64 - " Top notch"


    Weight ratio, power / sensitivity Usage in Lower Medium System 2.1, bi-amplified satellites (with 10HPL64) + subwoofer QSC RMX Allimentés a 1850 hd SOUNDS Sensibilitée 90Hz linear up box 21L (deformation beyond this volume) The sound is goo…

  • Eminence APT:80

    Eminence APT:80 - " I love"


    I bought a pair to replace Piezo in columns 2x38 KOOL SOUND (BBX 215) Used primarily to techno in a 3-way soundsystème. Filter matched 2-way cut to 3.5 kHz. Tweeters hold up well and rendering power is light years away from a piezo, while remai…

  • Audax TW025A28

    Audax TW025A28 - " Best listened to date"


    I had read on a forum and I wanted to check ... this tweeter is excellent for its clarity and lack of spitting; it is very soft. Like all dome tweeters, it is not distinguished by its performance, however, (no need to buy to check, his attention to…

  • SEAS 27TBCD/GB-DXT H1499

    SEAS 27TBCD/GB-DXT H1499 - " Pending"


    I heard on the following forum tests (measurements) on http://www.zaphaudio.com/tweetermishmash/ http://www.audioheuristics.org/measurements/Testing/Seas% 2027DXT% 20horn/Seas_DXT.htm http://www.audioexcite.com/?page_id=2242 hifi use (repla…

  • Fostex FT96H

    Fostex FT96H - " Excellent (super) tweeter"


    they are mounted on my B & W 802S1 (the tweeter is the weak point of 802 at the time, B & W did not t he changed technology?) attacked by a Marantz 4400 and DCX2496 active filters High performance 100 dB and 50W music (15W RMS) is 117 dB max Hi…