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Horn Speakers user reviews

  • Eminence Kappa Pro-15A

    Eminence Kappa Pro-15A - "Eminence Kappa Pro 15a"


    Alright here's the deal, I was playing in a band that played any and all gigs. My bass rig had to be prepared to play a coffee house or a 1200 seat club. It would then sit in a trailer on it's way to the next town and possibly get abused by the ope…

Translated user reviews
  • B&C Speakers 10HPL64

    B&C Speakers 10HPL64 - " Top notch"


    Weight ratio, power / sensitivity Usage in Lower Medium System 2.1, bi-amplified satellites (with 10HPL64) + subwoofer QSC RMX Allimentés a 1850 hd SOUNDS Sensibilitée 90Hz linear up box 21L (deformation beyond this volume) The sound is goo…

  • RCF MB15N351

    RCF MB15N351 - " Huge"


    I buy these HP to add to my system Martin Audio F2. What to say, removing F2M r'ajoutant and this one I have a very good system. No distortion, huge bass in medium, very large clarities. That are wired into an amp Crest Macro Tech 1200. SOUNDS …

  • Beyma 12B100R

    Beyma 12B100R - " not bad"


    How long have you use it? 1 sold my years thereafter Have you tried many other models before buying it? so greatly What is the particular feature you like best and least? use in hi fi speaker 3 see beautiful descent into the grave the less fl…

  • Sphynx SPW380PP

    Sphynx SPW380PP - " unbeatable"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? price of course and especially soft suspension. For what purpose? hi-fi movie man What amp / What configuration? inter m 3 500 diy speaker see SOUNDS The dynamics are respected? Yes .. huge s…

  • Xxl Power Sound Woofer 12"/30cm 450W PAW-305

    Xxl Power Sound Woofer 12"/30cm 450W PAW-305 - " Good overall"


    I bet on woofers sound because the sensitivity / price was higher compared to HP stereo. My faith that a few years these HP operate in different configurations and I never had any problems! SOUNDS You understand that these are home speakers. I do…

  • Eminence Beta-12

    Eminence Beta-12 - " not bad"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? occasions the price 30 euro per pair For what purpose? speaker 2 see man cinema hi-fi with an engine cut psd 2002 to 1.6 SOUNDS The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral? non puts forward the …

  • RCF LF18G401

    RCF LF18G401 - " Speakers very solid!"


    I looked on the speaker response to calculations of my subwoofers, my first choice was for Beyma 18G50, but unfortunately they are no longer manufactured .... I regret not my choice anyway, these are very strong HP! Amplified with FP9000 sub 4ohm, …

  • Eminence Kappa-15LF

    Eminence Kappa-15LF - " I love it"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? power prices For what purpose? ... Subwoofer sound diy 130 liter What amp / What configuration? Mac-mah ... VZX 2.5 it yours power it even supports more than 600 w over 10 ha full power works …

  • RCF L10/750YK

    RCF L10/750YK - " hp high quality be"


    very high efficiency speaker I acorder with Beyma cp 05 SOUNDS curve was linear and 3 db-3db super clear sound and drawing stereo image it works hell dynamic and very bone OVERALL OPINION depuit one year I have already left the system a…