Celestion FTR15-4080FD
Celestion FTR15-4080FD

FTR15-4080FD, 15" loudspeaker from Celestion.

watts-dj 10/13/2013

Celestion FTR15-4080FD : watts-dj's user review

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I also put the Celestion FTR 4080 boxes in my JBL G732 https://www.flickr.com/photos/16391344 @ N00/1398427048 / and hard work.

They have two months now and no problems with


Nominal381mm/15in diameter
11000WRMS power
Impedance nominale8Ω
Sensitivity 297dB
Range fréquences35-2500Hz
diameter of the coil mobile100mm/4in
Aluminum type châssisFonte
Type aimantFerrite
Weight aimant3 .1kg/110oz
for round bobineCuivre
Old glass matériauFibres
Paper Cone Glass material loaded with weatherproof
Waterproof material surroundTissu
Xmax 36mm/0.24in
depth Gap10mm/0.39in
Coil winding largeur22mm/0.87in
Small signal parameters
Qes0, 27
Qts0, 25
Vas140.0lt/4.94ft 3
Cms0.17mm / N
RMS8, 162 kg / s
The (at 1 kHz) 1.38mH
Installation Information
Depth totale170mm/6.69in
Diameter découpe351mm/13.82in
Dimensions machines sous10mm x 0.27in x 7mm/0.39in
Number of touring montage8
Mounting range PCD365-375mm/14.37-14.76in
Unitaire9.5kg/20.9lb weight
Packed Dimensions and weight
Single packet size L x W x H435mm x 435mm x 200mm
/ 17.1in x 17.1in x 7.9in
Package Weight unique10.8kg/23.8lb
Multipack (36) Size L x W x H1200mm x 1000mm x 980mm
/ 47.2in x 39.4in x 38.6in
Multipack (36) poids390kg/860lb


The 4080 FD Celestion FTR works harder than 10 brands of speakers that I currently have - >> I have BHM; HH array, Celestion road 1015 Faital 18 pro 1040, Celestion FTR 4080 FD eminence + two boxes JBL 732 G which hosts both FTR 4080 FD, the bomb in the boxes JBL.

In total I have 12 speakers, 8 large and 4 small.

I recently burn two Beyma 500 watts.

Photo of one of my FTR 4080 FD brand new. See the magnet