10" loudspeakers"
Horn Speakers 10" loudspeakers"
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10" loudspeakers" user reviews

  • B&C Speakers 10HPL64

    B&C Speakers 10HPL64 - " Top notch"


    Weight ratio, power / sensitivity Usage in Lower Medium System 2.1, bi-amplified satellites (with 10HPL64) + subwoofer QSC RMX Allimentés a 1850 hd SOUNDS Sensibilitée 90Hz linear up box 21L (deformation beyond this volume) The sound is goo…

  • RCF L10/750YK

    RCF L10/750YK - " hp high quality be"


    very high efficiency speaker I acorder with Beyma cp 05 SOUNDS curve was linear and 3 db-3db super clear sound and drawing stereo image it works hell dynamic and very bone OVERALL OPINION depuit one year I have already left the system a…

  • Eminence Delta-10

    Eminence Delta-10 - alak's review


    HP 10 "300W / 8 Ohms 98.8 db efficient, useful frequencies from 100Hz to 3.5 kHz, 5 kg SOUNDS I use this at HP Satellite / return very compact Compressed eminence apt 80 Filtered with DCX 2496 = cut down to 140 Hz / 48 db filtering is serious…

  • Eminence ME10-1008

    Eminence ME10-1008 - james1's review


    Former name of the current BETA 10 (pre 1998) Characteristics. SOUNDS View Beta 10 OVERALL OPINION View Beta 10 …

  • Fenton NS-10X

    Fenton NS-10X - condos51's review


    The report power handling / performance trs correct. good fishing in the same grave in a small volume. imposing and impressive dynamic nervosa. FOR utiliss in enclosures as a floor. an amplifier with 2 x 150w rms is gnial. with 4 to 50…

  • Beyma 10LW30

    Beyma 10LW30 - Kepa1's review


    <ul> Warning: this is not the 10LW30 / N I chose this HP for its size resonance, its Fs of 40Hz, the BL and its relatively high Xmax 5mm. On paper he promised to present serious but not dragging ... I turned instead use low-medium PA and origina…