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Measuring Instruments user reviews

  • Velleman DVM805

    Velleman DVM805 - " Velleman decibel meter, good material"


    I also acquired the decibel meter (April 2012). Simple to use, I use it regularly during the various events that I organize. As I often provides Beep in Electronics (FYI: THE…

  • Velleman DVM805

    Velleman DVM805 - " Great product!"


    I use it for one month, I just bought it. I have not tried other sound level meters before. Seen in use or Peak. (Slow or Fast) 2 measurement ranges (30 to Lo or Hi 100dB 60 to 130dB) So 130 db max. Accuracy of + or-1.5 db. This is a sound l…

  • BST SA 60

    BST SA 60 - ric49's review


    How long have you use it? Bought in 1983, I no longer use it at all now. Peculiarities Its state spectrum analyzer, the hardware is rather robust, against acoustic analysis for a veritable .. How do you report qualitprix? From memory I bo…

  • Bruel & Kjaer Sonomètre 2230

    Bruel & Kjaer Sonomètre 2230 - Marcman's review


    I have two 2230 in the lab for over 2 years An excellent choice for any acoustic measurement. In a very high reliability with a microphone 4155 he authorized levels over 150 dB. Must be accompanied by a 94dB calibrator or pistonphone 4220. Used…

  • Phonic PAA3

    Phonic PAA3 - fmalle's review


    - How long have you use it? 1 year - What is the particular feature you like best and least? ? - Have you tried many other models before acqurir? no, that is, there is no equivalent of my knowledge on the market (for something that fits in …

  • Thomann MPAA1

    Thomann MPAA1 - Christophe GOUDOT's review


    <p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>- How long have you use it?</span> I bought it in July 2007, Thomann and I have used once, since it broke down very quickly and it is being repaired for over two months, for a display problem LCD unreadable! <…

  • Phonic PAA2

    Phonic PAA2 - Nico53's review


    I have version MPAA1 which is a copy of this version ... even Thomann software, same CD, even soft internal same look ... just like a beast ... copy ... I have used 4 months ... Spectrum analysis, dBmètre (A / C / flat), phase tester, signal gen…

  • Realistic APM-200

    Realistic APM-200 - stladrill's review


    If my memory serves me turn, its the first addition I made first string on my Stereo (25 years pass. For the amateur with big LED VU (VU = RMS = Peak LED) accurate enough, switch 8 or 4 ohms scale of 0 rglabe> 2 watts and 0> 200 watts Is part …

  • Audio Control SA 3055

    Audio Control SA 3055 - Charly19622002's review


    Hi, I'm Charles of Spain,'m INTERESTED in your article, say the total price including the cost of sending Spain. The shipment would be certified against a refund ... a friendly hello, Charles. CHARLY19622002@YAHOO.ES …