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Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • Lightning Boy Audio VOG - Voices of the Gods

    Lightning Boy Audio VOG - Voices of the Gods - "Recording studio" has images


    I am recording in my recording studio our voices for dubbing with this equipment. You can see the demos: https://www.locutortv.es/cartoon_dubbing_voiceovers.htm and https://www.locutortv.es/documentary_spanish_voiceovers.htm Our recording studio…

  • Sony C35P

    Sony C35P - "Sony c 35 p small condenser mic (top adress !)" has images


    The Sony C 35 P is a microphone from Sony´s golden aera. It is a cardiod, small diaphragm, top adress microphone and needs 48v phantompower.The sound is somewhere between a Neumann Km 84 i and a Shoeps Colette. There´s a side adress version,the Sony …

  • Sterling Audio ST51

    Sterling Audio ST51 - "Excellent for Recording Vocals Until..." has images


    I used this mic to record vocals and it initially gave a nice quality sound that was warm and clear. After a few months of using the mic, it started making a crackling and static sound that would come and go intermittently. I thought it might have …

  • Blue Microphones Yeti Pro

    Blue Microphones Yeti Pro - "Features and Quality unheard of in this price range. Plus USB and Direct XLR Connections" has images


    Upgrade home studio recording I have used various mics but none compare with the multi-use capabilities of The Blue Yeti Pro. The first microphone that captures 24-bit/192kHz digital recordings on your desktop, and connects to professional recordin…

  • Synton Syntovox 222

    Synton Syntovox 222 - "One of the nicest sounding vocoders"


    I have had EMS and Roland vocoders. The Synth is so much better than the Roland vocoders at Vocoding and equal to the EMS. I'd love to try a Sennheiser but I doubt that will ever happen! In any case, if you find a Synton, grab it. Wendy Carlos used …

  • Blue Microphones YETI

    Blue Microphones YETI - "The best microphone" has images


    Hey! I have found a good microphone that is very comfortable for me. The name of the microphone is : Blue Yeti It can be used for Podcasts, Gaming but I also use it for singing. I have spent over $1,000 fruitlessly on microphones from Samson, …

  • Behringer XR18

    Behringer XR18 - "$500 18 track digital recorder"


    I am a videographer shooting 4 camera shoots of live house concert performances. I have always wanted a multi-track recorder. The Behringer XR18 combined with a laptop makes a great inexpensive 18 track digital recorder. I have combined this with …

  • ADAM Sub 7

    ADAM Sub 7 - "Superb Compact SUB"


    Ce Subwoofer est vraiment bien en usage Hifi/Studio. Couplé à des ADAM F7 il ajoute une extension importante dans le bas du spectre. Sur des musiques type Ambient ou même des production pop on perçoit clairment la différence. Il faudra le…

  • Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000

    Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000 - "Great quality, poor features"


    I bought this unit based on good reviews. I bought it for my guitar rack which is run through the effects send and return of my Bias guitar amp. I also bought the Behringer FCB1010 midi foot pedal to control both devices. The reviews were correct.…

  • Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200

    Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200 - "Good, practical unit for the money "


    I bought this unit to supplement my Positive Grid Bias Mini Guitar Amp. The Bias Mini is an amp modeler. It sounds great but the 'valve sizzle' was missing in the signal chain. The MIC2200 adds sufficient warmth and sizzle that an amp modeler cannot …