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Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • Boss RV-1000 Digital Reverb

    Boss RV-1000 Digital Reverb - "Good Memories! Used This a Lot!"


    I was a young kid looking to make sick beats in the early-mid 1990's on a super shoestring budget. A little Mackie mixer, a few cheap Radio Shack mics, a 386 computer to store tiny samples, a DCC (Yes! A DCC!), and a DA-88. In that pile was the BO…

  • Ananashead Effects 2399 Echo

    Ananashead Effects 2399 Echo - "Simple to Use with an Organic Flavor"


    SOUND: This pedal has a ‘dark’ and warm sound, in that the echo sits comfortably in the background without producing too much treble in the signal. Consequently, if you’re looking for a brighter echo that ‘pops,’ then this is not it. Rather, if you…

  • Zoom 1202

    Zoom 1202 - "Pretty Clean Sound" has images


    Bought this to replace the Alesis PicoVerb I have been using for a couple of years. Was not entirely happy with that unit (one of the 1/4" pots was making noise when jiggled). And the plates and Chorus/reverb sounds were just ok. Fine for a small s…

  • TL Audio EQ-1 Dual Valve Equaliser

    TL Audio EQ-1 Dual Valve Equaliser - "Dont believe the bad press it gets on other websites !"


    This is an incredible piece of outboard. Forget what you read on other forums, this is a total classic. It's been used by dave gilmour on all his albums since division bell and their engineer andy jackson, then there is queens roy thomas baker who…

  • Neumann TLM 103

    Neumann TLM 103 - "Neumann TLM 103 works beautifully on acoustic guitars" has images


    Hello curious wanderer, Owned and used a Neumann TLM 103 for about a year now. I've paired it with various preamps including a LA-610 mKII. Primarily used w/ acoustic guitars and vocals. There does tend to be a lot of artifacts when using this mi…

  • Zoom H6

    Zoom H6 - "Limited Use for Everything but Live Recording"


    The controls are cumbersome, at best. Between the Menu switch and the arrow slide and switch, you can eventually get most functions to work if you are patient and memorize the weird defaults. Unfortunately, the mixer does not function as a tracking m…

  • JBL 104 Reference Monitor

    JBL 104 Reference Monitor - "JBL 104 Powered Reference Monitor Review" has images


    This is such a great desktop monitor for home recording musicians or people making audio/video content for (Youtube, etc). These little guys had great results while mixing and editing. The clarity and detail is phenomenal-- especially for the price …

  • Orange Acoustic Pre

    Orange Acoustic Pre - "Organic and Authentic Sounding" has images


    SOUND: The Orange Acoustic Pre is incredibly full-bodied, clear, warm, harmonically rich, organic and with natural compression – unlike many other acoustic preamps that color your sound or add some type of ‘enhanced’ processing. https://www.you…

  • Sony C35P

    Sony C35P - "Sony c 35 p small condenser mic (top adress !)" has images


    The Sony C 35 P is a microphone from Sony´s golden aera. It is a cardiod, small diaphragm, top adress microphone and needs 48v phantompower.The sound is somewhere between a Neumann Km 84 i and a Shoeps Colette. There´s a side adress version,the Sony …

  • Sterling Audio ST51

    Sterling Audio ST51 - "Excellent for Recording Vocals Until..." has images


    I used this mic to record vocals and it initially gave a nice quality sound that was warm and clear. After a few months of using the mic, it started making a crackling and static sound that would come and go intermittently. I thought it might have …