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  • Aml EZ1073 Clone

    Aml EZ1073 Clone - "Woow!!!"


    I just built up two AML 1073 rack units and quickly tested today without even calibrating it. I just wanted to make sure they power up. First of all a few words on the quality of the product: components are very high quality, extremely well organized…

  • Tannoy Reveal 601A

    Tannoy Reveal 601A - "Perfect for beginner through to advanced users" has images


    Note: Images attached are my old "semi-treated" studio (B) and new "semi-treated" studio (A) room measurement scans with my Tannoy Reveal 601a studio monitors. I've owned my Tannoy Reveal 601a studio monitors for about 7 years now and have been …

  • Kali Audio IN-8

    Kali Audio IN-8 - "The Best Monitor Speakers for the Money... and then Some!"


    Not long ago I was in the market for new monitor speakers. At the time I was using KRK Rokit 8s (RPG 2 series), and although I had nothing to compare them to (the only monitor speakers I’ve used), I knew they were slightly muddy or dark, and after a …

  • Yamaha REX50

    Yamaha REX50 - "Yamaha REX50 mit dem legendären Symphonic Preset, Gitarren Multieffektor (Yamaha SPX90)" has images


    Das Effektgerät Yamaha mit dem legendären Symphonic Preset, welches auf quasi fast jeder 80s Platte zu hören ist und auch der Signature Sound der Nirvana Gitarre usw... Legendäres Effektgerät der 80er Jahre. ähnlich SPX90, SPX900, SPX1000, SPX990. Y…

  • Dr. Scientist DUSK

    Dr. Scientist DUSK - "Digitally controlled Analog Filter Pedal for quality sound"


    Filter pedals are nothing new, but the Dusk not only sounds robust, it has plenty of nifty features, ideal for keys/synth, bass and guitar. Sound-wise, Dusk is an analog +/-24dB/Octave low pass filter that is controlled digitally. This means you can …

  • Tascam Portastudio 2488neo

    Tascam Portastudio 2488neo - "THIS IS A DREAM-MAKING RECORDING MACHINE Saving Thousands of $$"


    I have NO CONS !! I just wish i had used this more often b-4 I became ill in 2016. It works great still ! I can't sing like i used to yet, I can still PLAY, RECORD original multitrack arrangements. Who could ask for anything more ? Well, maybe a bu…

  • Sony C-48

    Sony C-48 - " Sony C 48 the unknown LDC" has images


    A couple of years ago, I was looking for a pair of used Neumann U 87 mics for vocals and general aplications. Then a pair of Sony C 48 was offered to me at a ridiculous low price. Here in Germany the Neumann, AKG,Shoeps mics are omnipresent. only a f…

  • Boss DM-100 Delay Machine

    Boss DM-100 Delay Machine - "Superb BBD-delay"


    This is one of the best delays ever produced. Excellent sound, easy to operate and very reliable. Also, one can put other gear on top it. I usually put my tb303 or my DFAM on top of it, so that it is easy to access. This one is a keeper. T…

  • Behringer SNR202 Denoiser 2 Channel

    Behringer SNR202 Denoiser 2 Channel - "BEHRINGER SNR202 DENOISER " has images


    Original Made in Germany. Die im SNR202 DENOISER verwendeten Operationsverstärker sind außergewöhnlich. Sie zeichnen sich durch extreme Linearität und sehr geringe Verzerrungseigenschaften aus. Um dieses Design zu ergänzen, umfasst die Auswahl der …

  • Alesis QuadraVerb II

    Alesis QuadraVerb II - "Complex but awesome"


    In my setup, I use both the QV2 and a Lexicon MPX1 and even in that situation, the Quadraverb 2 doesn't disappoint. The reverb is sufficiently lush and soft, although indeed a bit metallic at times, if you feed it sharp sounds (like digital synths). …