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  • PreSonus AudioBox Studio

    PreSonus AudioBox Studio - "Not a good choice!"


    Overall, this packages' most worthwhile component is the Studio 1 program. It includes a mic cable, usb cable, large diaphragm condenser, interface, headphones, power supply and the Studio 1 software. The Studio 1 program is pretty good, it wouldn't…

  • PreSonus AudioBox Studio

    PreSonus AudioBox Studio - "Dont Buy this package"


    The Abox Studio PreSonus recording kit is a very basic kit and needs a lot of work. The price of it would be reasonable if it came with a pair of monitors instead of cheap headphones. The interface is built tough and can stand a few drops, its made o…

  • Renoise DOUGUIE

    Renoise DOUGUIE - "no way"


    This is the only model that I have tried by Renoise and I can say it will be the last studio bundle that I will get from them. It didn’t work well for me, not saying that I couldn’t get it to record or anything like that. Im just talking about the sh…

  • Behringer Podcastudio FireWire

    Behringer Podcastudio FireWire - "My first podcast"


    If you are looking for a Podcast Kit then the Behringer Podcastudio FireWire is just what you need. I have been using it for a while now and though about upgrading to something better several times but I keep telling my self why. If its working great…

  • Behringer Podcastudio USB

    Behringer Podcastudio USB - "perfect for my show"


    The Behringer Podcastudio USB is package that you really need to have if you are audio blogging or pod casting from home. I have been using this for years and run a little online sports talk radio station with it. It has far exceeded my expectations …

  • PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit

    PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit - "good interface poor mic"


    The PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit is a decent quality kit that you can use right from home to demo your songs with. But don’t expect to get a great quality recording from the mic. Its just not made to give you a final product. But the interface its sel…

  • Cakewalk Sonar V-Studio 700

    Cakewalk Sonar V-Studio 700 - "the motorized faders are a plus"


    The Cakewalk Sonar V Studio 700 is a recording system that can really get your music to a high level. It has a very good interface that is very user friendly. Sonar is often compared to pro tools with its ability to master songs in it. The original v…

  • Digidesign MBox2

    Digidesign MBox2 - "a little tricky in fl"


    I received my Mbox 2 from Digidesign in a bundle package that I purchased from musicians friend website back in the summer of 2009. It came with a mic, pro tools and two studio monitors. The studio monitors and mic were pretty cheap though but the Mb…

  • Miroslav Vitous GOLD BUNDLE for REASON 3

    Miroslav Vitous GOLD BUNDLE for REASON 3 - "Not worth the price tag"


    I've been a fan of Reason since the very 1st version that was released... Since I've been using reason I’ve come across a lot of different refills and sound packs. For those of you that don't know what a refill is just look at it as a sound pack code…

  • PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit

    PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit - "Great For The Money"


    In my opinion this is a good setup for someone who is just jumping into audio production,voice overs and vocal editing. It comes with the following piece of gear Usb condenser Mic Audio Interface Recording Software Headphones Cables I don't…