PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit
PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit

1Box Recording Kit, Home Studio Package from PreSonus.

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vsavagellc 12/18/2011

PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit : vsavagellc's user review

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In my opinion this is a good setup for someone who is just jumping into audio production,voice overs and vocal editing. It comes with the following piece of gear

Usb condenser Mic
Audio Interface
Recording Software

I don't praise the headphones because the noise cancellation isn't to great but it's good enough to get the job done. The software it comes with is called “Studio One” which is a really good piece of software to learn on. The audio interface is has 2 channels and is powered by USB which is great. This means you can power it right from your computer rather than needing to plug it into the wall.

The mic cable isn't mogami but again it gets the job done especially when you're on fixed budget. I've used this setup for sound designing and music production on the road and I don't have any complaints about it's quality.

I do have a slight gripe with the price I feel it should cost maybe only $200.00 but again that's just a personal gripe I have. When you really look at what you're getting the price is still good. One thing they could have thrown in (2 actually) is a shock mount and a mic stand. That would really make it a all in one recording solution.

The audio quality of the mic is really good I would suggest setting up a recording area in another room or maybe In the closet this way the mic and preaamp won't pick up the humming sound of your computer or any other electronic device in the room. Oh and lastly get a popfilter this way you can eliminate plosives thus making your recording a lot more professional sounding that the average joe that takes this studio package and just records with as is in open space.

One little downside to this unit that I don't want to forget to mention is it does generate a lot of heat. So with that said you're going to want to watch what you set it on or near. I say this because some people have a tendency to place their interfaces next to other electronics such as ipods or phones etc