PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit
PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit

1Box Recording Kit, Home Studio Package from PreSonus.

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yoTrakkz 09/05/2011

PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit : yoTrakkz's user review


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The Pre Sonus 1Boox was a set up a was skeptical about at first, I was looking for something affordable and powerful to use in my home set up a few years ago, I found the PreSonus 1 Box online while I was searching and decided to order it. I was surprise on how good the preamps where in this bundle. The bundle overall is a pretty good bundle, not the best on the market but what can you expect for this price range.
The mic was ok, nothing extra special with it, i tried to record a few live instruments with it and it didn’t sound too good . So I just kept it for vocals only and beware if you are going to be recording vocalist that have high pitch ranges. You can really tell that its not a high quality set up when you record those. But if you are recording hip hop lines or just some dj drops it will work perfect for your.
The headphones sound surprised me to some extent, I wouldn’t do too much mixing in them though because they aren’t that accurate, they will give something good to listen to your playbacks with.
Unfortunately I didn’t use the software that came with the package, I preferred to use the controller with my own personal software collection on my pc just because I didn’t want the learning curve of trying to figure out a brand new software that you probably aren’t going to like much anyways. But the audio controller synced with all of my daw’s without a problem.
Overall this is a great starter package, I just wish it came with some low end monitors instead of the headphones because I would rather have cheap monitors over cheap headphones. Because you can still mix in cheap monitors, but cheap headphones don’t do it for me.