PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit
PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit

1Box Recording Kit, Home Studio Package from PreSonus.

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AlanForPresident 05/09/2012

PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit : AlanForPresident's user review

« good interface poor mic »

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The PreSonus 1Box Recording Kit is a decent quality kit that you can use right from home to demo your songs with. But don’t expect to get a great quality recording from the mic. Its just not made to give you a final product. But the interface its self is just as good as the Digidesign Mbox and some of the other high model interfaces of the same size. Myself and a friend purchased this to use it just for some quick stuff on his Dell laptop and it runs great, we had a few small issues setting the interface up with his soundcard and had to call guitar center and have them walk use through it but once we figured it out it wasn’t a problem at all.

Our recording kit came with a program called Studio One which im not a fan of at all. Studio one seemed to be more of a hassle to me because it looked nothing like what I was familiar too. Its one of those programs that if you don’t start on the program before other programs you will be ok. But if you come from Cakewalk, Fl Studio or Pro tools you wont know where to start with it. But it ran great on his Vista Pc and didn’t crazy or freeze up. It does take some time to render our your projects into wav form though.

Overall, im not a fan of these bundle just because you get some cheap headphones and a cheap mic. It will do what you want it to do though. But you are better off just purchasing the interface and getting your own mic and headphones.. The quality is just ok, and it’s a hassle working with Studio one. But the inerface is a good one and works good in other DAW’s too so its not just for this package. Buy the interface and forget studio one and the mic and headphones.