Mixing Consoles user reviews

  • Crest Audio XR-20

    Crest Audio XR-20 - "Best submixer ever"


    - The original version of the XR-20 "XRack", manufactured by Crest, is superior to the latter Peavey owned era model. - It sums VERY clean. - It has a pretty good sound. Perhaps Midas Venice 320 league but better low end, more solid and defined. …

  • Behringer XR18

    Behringer XR18 - "$500 18 track digital recorder"


    I am a videographer shooting 4 camera shoots of live house concert performances. I have always wanted a multi-track recorder. The Behringer XR18 combined with a laptop makes a great inexpensive 18 track digital recorder. I have combined this with …

  • Hudson 1604 DO

    Hudson 1604 DO - "A huge analog sound!"


    This “old French lady” (according to Réditec) has graced the best days of disco and the best productions of the 70s and 80s. If well taken care of and as is, it will stand tall against any middle-market or even high-end digital mixer (think 02R Yam, …

  • Keith McMillen Instruments K-Mix

    Keith McMillen Instruments K-Mix - "Well-designed, practical and innovative!!!"


    Well-designed, compact and sturdy, this is really a well-thought device! The box is very classy, reminds of Apple products and gives a positive impression of the whole which is only confirmed when using it! You can instantly feel the care that was…

  • Soundcraft Si Impact

    Soundcraft Si Impact - "Flexible, with a great sound ;)" has images


    I bought this mixer after a long quest: I wanted a digital mixer which behaved and provided the ergonomics of an analog model :) PLUS, with a USB connection to a PC or Mac... I spend 5 years mixing with digital mixers by Roland, Behringer (mostly …

  • Tascam IF-CB/DM

    Tascam IF-CB/DM - "Tascam and Cobranet on a DM3200 / DM4800" has images


    Cobranet is an old sound transportation network protocol that has lost ground with the arrival of new competing technologies (such as Dante…), but still interesting due to the way hardware prices tend to go down. The Cobranet protocol allows up to 64…

  • Mackie LM-3204

    Mackie LM-3204 - "Still no substitute, best line mixer out there..."


    I use not only the Mackie LM-3204 mixer with master section, but also 2 of the ultra-rare slave (LM-3204E) units daisy chained to the master via ribbon cable for my home studio. The setup gives me 48 stereo channels in fairly compact space. I've got …

  • Soundcraft Sapphyre

    Soundcraft Sapphyre - "A good choice for small to mid-sized studios"


    An analog mixer with an in line setup, which allows a direct out to the recorder from each in/out module. However, the mixer features 8 busses, which are repeated in block (1-8, 9-16, 17-24 and so on) all along the mixer and can be used with just any…

  • Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX

    Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX - "A comprehensive, transportable and reliable 16-track mixer with phantom power."


    I bought this mixer in the 1990s to mix a drumset (8 tracks), a guitar (1 track), a bass (1 track) and two stereo keyboards (4 tracks). No integrated FX but 2 busses and 16 tracks with faders, gain knobs hi mid and lo settings, 3 auxes and pan settin…

  • PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB

    PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB - "BUYER BEWARE These units are defective." has images


    I bought the PreSonus AR12 from Sweetwater. I had it for slightly over 2 weeks before noticing a cracking/popping sound. Sounded like a short in a cable. After replacing cables and checking the AR12 on both a Bose Compact L1 and Sterling Studio Moni…