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  • PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB

    PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB - "BUYER BEWARE These units are defective." has images


    I bought the PreSonus AR12 from Sweetwater. I had it for slightly over 2 weeks before noticing a cracking/popping sound. Sounded like a short in a cable. After replacing cables and checking the AR12 on both a Bose Compact L1 and Sterling Studio Moni…

  • Midas VeniceF VF16

    Midas VeniceF VF16 - "What a beautiful console!"


    I've had it for one day... Came from an Allen ZED14 which lacked "In"s for our blues band. First use in rehearsal yesterday evening, no time for precise settings and yet it immediately delivered a great sound. A huge headroom, no distortion whatsoev…

  • Behringer Xenyx Q502USB

    Behringer Xenyx Q502USB - "Excellent value, fairly clear audio, easy to use"


    I specifically bought this mixer as a stopgap between owning a Mackie 1604 VLZ board and a replacement. I also used, for a while, the Alesis Multi Mix 6, and the Xenyx 10 channel. Despite not having faders, it's easy to set your levels. The clarit…

  • Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire

    Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire - "Great for mobile recordings"


    Perfect to record multi-track gigs live. Connected via firewire to a laptop you can retrieve the separate tracks for analysis or mixing. Very transparent, it offers an array of send/return effects (by a prestigious digital effects brand), from rev…

  • Digidesign 003 Factory

    Digidesign 003 Factory - "Very good console at a reasonable price."


    RCA, Jack, firewire, XLR, optical...All types of connections are available. You obviously have to connect it to a Mac or PC with a firewire cable. Direct-to-disc syning is possible (setting the clock to ADAT) and with other Digi cards, in which cas…

  • Yamaha MG166CX-USB

    Yamaha MG166CX-USB - "Good product"


    Good console for a band or orchestra or to mix at home. Yamaha quality, reliable and solid. The mixer comes with rails to mount it on a rack It has 16 inputs (with built-in compressor on inputs 1 through 6, which can be individually adjusted) XLR…

  • Yamaha MG166CX-USB

    Yamaha MG166CX-USB - "Good gear"


    Rackable, with all necessary connections, built-in effects (not high-end, but they do their job!). UTILIZATION Easy-to-use mixer for beginners, which we are...It has a short learning curve. SOUNDS Decent sound for its category. You need to really…

  • Digidesign 003 Factory

    Digidesign 003 Factory - Tolomai's review


    See specs No DSP. Just a MIDI control surface and soundcard for Pro Tools. UTILIZATION Very easy setup: install the driver > connect. And you're done. I have never opened the manual, I learned by doing The interface was conceived with Pro Too…

  • Yamaha MG166CX-USB

    Yamaha MG166CX-USB - "Excellent and value for money" has images


    It is rackable, analog console, with 10 mic line in, phantom power, 16 line in XLR, 8mono and 4 stereo in, 3 range parametric EQ. For more details you should address to the website of Yamaha. With the USB connection it works like a sound card and mix…

  • Yamaha MG166CX-USB

    Yamaha MG166CX-USB - HStuder's review


    With its rack design, this mixer aimed at recording allows for a wide range of applications. UTILIZATION The connections and multiple controls are adapted to different needs. SOUNDS In terms of sound, it can't be criticized, since it conforms to …