Yamaha MG166CX-USB
Yamaha MG166CX-USB

MG166CX-USB, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Yamaha in the MG USB series.

podiumstar 08/15/2014

Yamaha MG166CX-USB : podiumstar's user review

« Good product »

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Good console for a band or orchestra or to mix at home.
Yamaha quality, reliable and solid.
The mixer comes with rails to mount it on a rack
It has 16 inputs (with built-in compressor on inputs 1 through 6, which can be individually adjusted)
XLR or jack from 1 to 11/12 XLR with adjustable gain
Inputs 13/14 and 15/16 are on jack or RCA
Only channel 12 has phantom power.
The effects section (10 or 12 in the memory) is assignable to every channel
High, mid, low controls.
The output is stereo on jack or XLR, just like the monitors.
Possibility to insert external effects with 2 sends and 2 returns
Headphones output with dedicated control.
Easy readable VU-meter.
USB interface for 2 channels only, to record with the included Cubasis Lt.


It's an analog mixer, easy to use, the manual is clear and comprehensive.
Every channel has an ON switch.
In short, it's a Yamaha, clear and precise.


The console is reliable, without noise, the EQ is precise, the compressor is effective and the built-in effects are interesting. There's not much to say, considering its quality and price. It's good gear, it only lacks some additional phantom power.
It is powered via an external supply.
The USB interface allows you to record with a PC and Cubasis LT, which is included. It's a bit light in this regard, but don't forget it's an analog mixer and it's more than enough to record a demo or monitor something.


We use it in a home studio and for gigs (pop band with 4 musicians) and we are satisfied. We have tried other brands before (samick; behringer) and this one is the most comprehensive.
If I had to choose another one, I'd go for a Yamaha, the only con is that we live in a digital world, so I think we'll do the switch and move in that direction shortly.