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  • Hudson 1604 DO

    Hudson 1604 DO - "A huge analog sound!"


    This “old French lady” (according to Réditec) has graced the best days of disco and the best productions of the 70s and 80s. If well taken care of and as is, it will stand tall against any middle-market or even high-end digital mixer (think 02R Yam, …

  • Mackie LM-3204

    Mackie LM-3204 - "Still no substitute, best line mixer out there..."


    I use not only the Mackie LM-3204 mixer with master section, but also 2 of the ultra-rare slave (LM-3204E) units daisy chained to the master via ribbon cable for my home studio. The setup gives me 48 stereo channels in fairly compact space. I've got …

  • Soundcraft Sapphyre

    Soundcraft Sapphyre - "A good choice for small to mid-sized studios"


    An analog mixer with an in line setup, which allows a direct out to the recorder from each in/out module. However, the mixer features 8 busses, which are repeated in block (1-8, 9-16, 17-24 and so on) all along the mixer and can be used with just any…

  • Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX

    Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX - "A comprehensive, transportable and reliable 16-track mixer with phantom power."


    I bought this mixer in the 1990s to mix a drumset (8 tracks), a guitar (1 track), a bass (1 track) and two stereo keyboards (4 tracks). No integrated FX but 2 busses and 16 tracks with faders, gain knobs hi mid and lo settings, 3 auxes and pan settin…

  • EELA Audio S191

    EELA Audio S191 - "In the big league"


    EELA is a brand that’s not widely known by the masses. They mostly develop products for broadcast/radio applications. Fact is, you rarely see their products. I bought mine essentially because it wasn’t expensive, so I thought I didn’t risk much. Wh…

  • Mackie 1202VLZ4

    Mackie 1202VLZ4 - "Superb"


    Legendary Mackie build quality and performance in a compact size. After using Mackie mixers in live sound and recording I was confident this mixer would work well for podcasting and I was not disappointed. Channel inserts on this model make use of…

  • Tascam M-320 B

    Tascam M-320 B - "Excellent analog summing and EQ"


    I will never get rid of it! The EQs do an amazing job of expanding the sonic characteristics and possibilities of machines because of the added colouring. The Tascam m 320 b is great for summing digital audio from your daw. Split the audio through se…

  • Phonic MR1843X

    Phonic MR1843X - "A very good mixer" has images


    Used in a rack. It's sturdy and convenient. The preamps are good, so are the connectors, the 4 aux & 4 busses are really convenient on an analog mixer. Enough channels for a beginner, but in the long term it appears quite limited. Some effects are…

  • SSL Matrix

    SSL Matrix - "SSL Matrix "


    Hi, I owned this mixing console for 3 years. It was interesting to have and learn to use such a hardware. I personally consider it to be for knowledgeable and experienced users only, as it's not that easy to use at first and it took me a long wh…

  • Sony MXP-290

    Sony MXP-290 - "Old, but good"


    -For what kind of music do you use this product? ? I personally use it for electronic music (Industrial). There's no reason which wouldn't allow to use it for "extreme" (if I may say so) styles... -What do you think of its finish and ergonomics…