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  • Neve 1272 Custom Summing Mixer

    Neve 1272 Custom Summing Mixer - moosers's review


    The studio that I work at has a Neve 1272 Custom Summing Mixer, the origins of which I'm not totally sure of. It's definitely not a product that's available on the consumer market and I'm pretty sure that any of them out there will have been custom …

  • Roll Music Systems RMS216 Folcrom

    Roll Music Systems RMS216 Folcrom - moosers's review


    The Roll Music Systems Folcrom RMS216 is a 16 channel passive summing mixer. It's got 16 channels of inputs and two channels of outputs. This is an awesome for a home studio where you're doing most of your work in the box. As far as connections on…

  • Inward Connections Mix 690 Summing Mixer

    Inward Connections Mix 690 Summing Mixer - moosers's review


    The Inward Connections Mix 690 Summing Mixer is a 16 channel rack mixer. I'm not sure exactly what types of connections it has, as the Pro Tools HD system I've used it with already had it racked up. Mix 690 will take up two spaces in a traditional …

Translated user reviews
  • SSL Sigma

    SSL Sigma - " A true summing !!!"


    Summing 16 input channels (mono or stereo), up 32 channels! Direct output for each channel 2 Bus stereo mix and individual insertion points (which among other PARALLEL compression) 2 outputs of plays Talkback, Dim level, mono ... Multi plat…

  • SSL Sigma

    SSL Sigma - " The elegance of the discretion"


    2U, 32 Summing tracks, very few buttons and seamless integration to all types of DAW. UTILIZATION Simple copy installation instructions very clear (unfortunately only in English but nothing too bad). Machine that exudes quality. All functions are…

  • Audient Sumo

    Audient Sumo - " bluffing"


    adder 16 tracks with compressor and limiter, insert two points, one has 4 inputs switchable to mono optional card A / D UTILIZATION the summation in n is not complicated ... settings of compressor and limiter are plenty of other similar produ…

  • TL Audio A4 Discrete Class A 16:2 Summing Mixer

    TL Audio A4 Discrete Class A 16:2 Summing Mixer - Furykane's review


    2 units 19-inch standard 8-channel stereo or 16 mono Jack 1 / 4 symmetric and asymmetric (accepts both), XLR output Adder with no other function, you can add an insert effects (XLR) Additional features: an output stage lamp that can be byp…

  • Audient Sumo

    Audient Sumo - suge's review


    Rackable, 16 channels, to, sending SubD25, XLR, Stereo Compressor multiple settings and options, and map AD / DA (optional) UTILIZATION no need for manual handling very fast if you know what is working and how a summons and a stereo compressor …