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  • Ludwig Drums Classic Maple

    Ludwig Drums Classic Maple - "Mythical drums" has images


    I had dreamt to play on Ludwig drums since my teenage years when I was listening to John Bonham, Ringo Starr, Clive Deamer and later listening to Jordan Rose, Questlove, etc. I first purchased a Ludwig breakbeats. And finally a Ludwig classic maple n…

  • Salmiéri Drums ARTIST STUDIO II

    Salmiéri Drums ARTIST STUDIO II - "Kit with great sound"


    I came across this kit when I was searching the net for 'something else'. Having grown tired of the usual brands with all their series ranging from ridiculously expensive to 'why did you produce this crap quality' of drum kits. This kit was offered …

  • Sabian Xs20 Rock Hats 14"

    Sabian Xs20 Rock Hats 14" - "Expected worse from hats with rock written on them. "


    I recently acquired those hats because they were gifted to me with a whole lot of drum stuff (including a 1964 Ludwig drum kit). I was sceptical at first since I thought writing rock on a cymbal was like writing gaming on a hard drive but I was pleas…

  • Millenium MPS-400

    Millenium MPS-400 - "I was on the rebound....." has images


    I got this excellent kit in 2014 as I had a really cheap kit (all mono pads) before that. The first thing I did was to convert to mesh heads, just like the cheap kit.. This is a simple conversion, the end result I now have a much quieter kit wi…

  • PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion Concept Maple

    PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion Concept Maple - "So Much Love, I have Two" has images


    I was first "Introduced" to the 7 Piece CM from PDP about 7 years ago. I bought a Cherry Fade to Black Sparkle. First of all, the Finish is down right Amazing - The ONLY thing, okay, there's many, that tops the look is how Amazing they sound. DW has …

  • Asama caisse claire wood

    Asama caisse claire wood - "Awesome drum"


    I'm using this snare drum for my "dweilorkest". A dutch/german music group for parties. The nice thing about this drum is that its very strong. It fell on the ground for a couple of times but no damage on the drum. The rims are a little bit oxidised,…


    Mapex VENUS SERIES - "This has got to be the best beginner kit out there?!?" has images


    Okay, I would be very surprised to find a better entry-level kit especially after seeing that you can buy these for $200!! I originally bought mine for drummers to come over and jam with me on guitar.….I replaced the original snare with a 1960's Slin…

  • Ludwig Drums 6.5x14 acrolite black galaxy

    Ludwig Drums 6.5x14 acrolite black galaxy - "A great deal" has images


    I bought this snare used because I wanted the typical aluminium sound. It's not just a myth: it provides a dry, powerful and very warm sound. I equipped it with an evans G2 head and a pure-sound blaster timber as the "made in taiwan" original one …

  • Remo LEGERO LG-1501-70

    Remo LEGERO LG-1501-70 - "REMO legero is great"


    This drumkit fits every music style ! I've hade it since 2000 and never left it ! It's a rare model, to be found on the second-hand market now ! Very easy to transport and disassemble, never had any problem with the hardware, it's sturdy and wel…

  • Sonor Special Edition 505 Stage Set

    Sonor Special Edition 505 Stage Set - "A gold mine of a limited edition kit!"


    Bought new 6 or 7 years ago, it's a limited edition drumset that can no longer be found now (except on the second-hand market). The whole kit including cymbals and hardware was sold for around €550, which is €150 less than the lower end kit in that s…