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  • Ludwig Drums 6.5x14 acrolite black galaxy

    Ludwig Drums 6.5x14 acrolite black galaxy - "A great deal" has images


    I bought this snare used because I wanted the typical aluminium sound. It's not just a myth: it provides a dry, powerful and very warm sound. I equipped it with an evans G2 head and a pure-sound blaster timber as the "made in taiwan" original one ...

  • Remo LEGERO LG-1501-70

    Remo LEGERO LG-1501-70 - "REMO legero is great"


    This drumkit fits every music style ! I've hade it since 2000 and never left it ! It's a rare model, to be found on the second-hand market now ! Very easy to transport and disassemble, never had any problem with the hardware, it's sturdy and wel...

  • Sonor Sonor Special Edition 505 Series Stage Set

    Sonor Sonor Special Edition 505 Series Stage Set - "A gold mine of a limited edition kit!"


    Bought new 6 or 7 years ago, it's a limited edition drumset that can no longer be found now (except on the second-hand market). The whole kit including cymbals and hardware was sold for around €550, which is €150 less than the lower end kit in that s...


    Mapex VENUS SERIES - "Mapex V Series 5pce Rock Kit"


    Being drumming since 1992 and had a few kits in that time (First was a Maxwin 5pce from the 70's RIP), But by the early 2000's when that kit was no longer up to the punishment of metal drumming (Death/Grind) I needed a new kit on a budget. Went to t...

  • Tama HP910LSW Black

    Tama HP910LSW Black - "Big Feet Board~!"


    Having cut my teeth on a short ludwig Speed King, my size 13 feet have never been efficient.. The extremely smooth surface and long board allow me to do sliding or heel toe doubles with ease. It is so fast and responsive it feels like an extension of...

  • Pearl signature Steve Ferrone

    Pearl signature Steve Ferrone - "Best Snare I own"


    Drummer many years..a lifetime. I jam occasionally but have a drum studio with thousands of play-along-tracks. Out of about 12 snares, a couple high end, but all quality this is my go to snare. It is a copy of Ferrone's Black Beauty he played early o...

  • Roland TD-30 Module

    Roland TD-30 Module - "Great product! I saved tons on this module and I love it! "


    Hello! I purchased this Roland Module several months ago and I absolutely love it! Your site has great resources and helpful reviews. I just wanted to share the info with your readers. The Roland Sounds are great for recording and for setting up drum...

  • Duende Percusion Elite

    Duende Percusion Elite - "Really nice-sounding cajón"


    I've had it for a year. It's a very good Cajón with a very nice sound. It's ideal for Flamenco and even Jazz (very nice highs) . When I tried out the "Duo" series, I realized that the "Elite" series lacks a bit of lows (if you are picky, obviously)...

  • Rockwood Drum Kit by Hohner

    Rockwood Drum Kit by Hohner - "Hohner Rockwood Drums (not made anymore)"


    I was looking for a basic drum set for a gift for someone, and found these. I figured the price was okay and since they're associated with a well-known name (Hohner) I couldn't go wrong by buying them. Hohner also sells Sonor drums, and the Roc...

  • Audio-Technica DD-502

    Audio-Technica DD-502 - golden_ear's review


    I was very surprised, because even if I knew Audio Technica, I didn't know they made e-drums.. After verifying, it's not Audio-Technica, the well-known microphone and headphone manufacturer, but only Technica, which has nothing to do with the former...