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Percussion user reviews

  • Duende Percusion Elite

    Duende Percusion Elite - "Really nice-sounding cajón"


    I've had it for a year. It's a very good Cajón with a very nice sound. It's ideal for Flamenco and even Jazz (very nice highs) . When I tried out the "Duo" series, I realized that the "Elite" series lacks a bit of lows (if you are picky, obviously)…

  • Kopf Percussion S-Series Snare Cajon

    Kopf Percussion S-Series Snare Cajon - "Very high quality cajon!"


    I tried several cajons from several different brands. I found that the Kopf cajons were just at a much higher quality standard than the others that I played. I love the poplar has such a warm tone. Also, the padded seat is alot more comfor…

  • Meinl Headliner Series Cajon

    Meinl Headliner Series Cajon - "Affordable, useful, and sounds fantastic!"


    Cajons are really a new tool to the westernized musician, but none the less a useful one at that. I had the opportunity to play one in south America some years ago, it was custom made from teak and Brazilian wood. Fast forward to a year ago, I was …

  • Sound Percussion Multi Rods Brush Sticks

    Sound Percussion Multi Rods Brush Sticks - "a must for any drummer who plays small acoustic venues or dinner bars"


    These sticks are very good at what they are meant to do. They are great at quieting one’s drum sound while not slowing down the attack. They have a different sound then solid sticks and are soft enough to play with a band to do acoustic stuff, or …

  • Cosmic Percussion Handheld Sleigh Bells

    Cosmic Percussion Handheld Sleigh Bells - moosers's review


    The Cosmic Percussion Handheld Sleigh Bells is a high quality percussion instrument for use in the studio or on the stage. The only setting that I've used these bells in has been in the studio for recording some Christmas music. They're great sound…

  • Latin Percussion Generation II professional bongos

    Latin Percussion Generation II professional bongos - moosers's reviewhas images


    I recently got to check out the Latin Percussion Generation II Professional Bongos on a recording session and they're probably the best wood bongos of this size that I've used before. Usually you'll find bongos like this to be on the cheap, but as t…

  • Rhythm Tech Hat Trick

    Rhythm Tech Hat Trick - moosers's review


    The Rhythm Tech Hat Trick is a unique tambourine that sits on top of your hi hat in the context of a complete drum kit. It's specifically designed to be mounted directly on the top of your hi hat, making it so it sounds with each hi hat click. It's…


    Lp ONESHOTSHAKERGRAND - moosers's review


    The LP One Shot Large Shaker is a uniquely designed shaker suitable for uses of all types. I’ve used this shaker only inside the studio, which I think is the place it’s best suited in. Of course you can use it for live shows, but I’d probably only …


    Lp ONE SHOT SHAKER PETIT - moosers's review


    The LP (Latin Percussion) One Shot Shaker Small is a unique percussive instrument that's unlike most other shakers out there that I have used. Rather than a traditional circle or egg shaped shaker, this one is a long rectangle. There are two versio…

  • Lp Afuche / Cabasa

    Lp Afuche / Cabasa - moosers's review


    The LP Afuche/Cabasa is a hand percussion instrument that comes in a few different sizes. In the picture above it shows four different sizes from LP, but the third one to the right is the one that I've used. Traditionally, you kind of play it as yo…