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Bells user reviews


    Lp MAMBO 22CM NOIR - sanjuro's review


    This is another great cowbell from LP.  Almost all LP products are solid, and it just comes down to personal preference.  I really feel like this one is a standout.  It is very similar to the ridge rider rock cowbell, because of its size and deep sou…

  • Lp rock classic ridge rider

    Lp rock classic ridge rider - sanjuro's review


    This is a very good cowbell for rock and some other applications.  I have used this for almost 8 years, and it has earned a permanent spot in my home setup.  It produces a very classic sound because it reminds me of most of the cowbells I have heard …

Translated user reviews
  • Pearl Cloches agogo

    Pearl Cloches agogo - " Sound great!"


    More or less it has been 5 years that I use. Like any bell is aggressive in the upper midrange / treble The value for money is good, because it is a reliable instrument! I tried not to hurt agogos craft, and it's always a little snitch, either in wei…

  • Lp sambago bells

    Lp sambago bells - Kahlopsyn's review


    Hello all, 6 months ending for this is that I use these bells and I'm delighted. I complte with them my beats snare drum to give more with charley. They are small but not easy to place because I had to buy a type of clutch to put them on my sna…

  • Lp 009 Rock Classic Ridge Rider

    Lp 009 Rock Classic Ridge Rider - jackvalentine's review


    - How long have you use it? I use it for a year prs - What is the particular feature you like best and least? The rock sound! Be careful, its quite heavy (it is not a normal salsa bala ...). Ideal for rock, but adaptable. I use a lot of rhythm…

  • Latin Percussion LP-008 Rock Rider

    Latin Percussion LP-008 Rock Rider - darksmall's review


    I use the bell for prs 4 years and indeed to play rock the bell is not better, sound severe enough to stand out from the rest of an attack that is selected based on the hit thanks to red plastic block, a length consquente to the proper place it on a …

  • Tama Black cowbell

    Tama Black cowbell - IroncobrA's review


    I bought two days ago. I had a choice of three sizes and I took the average I pay about 15. I am not trs cal bell but I can say she has a beautiful sound that can do a lot of good rhythms sympatoches. The only inconveniant is that it leaves a b…