Percussion user reviews

  • Hokema Sansula basic

    Hokema Sansula basic - " Instrument tying"


    The sansula is a modern interpretation of the kalimba, also known as mbira or thumb piano, or thumb piano. It is an instrument native to sub-Saharan Africa, consisting of strips of metal attached to a wooden board or sometimes a hollow resonance. It …

  • Schlagwerk CP 605 Comfort - Morado

    Schlagwerk CP 605 Comfort - Morado - " A killing!" has images


    I used it very little since I bought it. I have tried many brands before choosing this one. What I really like is the sound and feel. Authentic and elegant. The least you must place a microphone in front of the background music. Good value this type …

  • Schlagwerk CP 4022 - Skinwood Black

    Schlagwerk CP 4022 - Skinwood Black - " WOW!"


    For how long have you been using it? I only last Wednesday (04/05). But I have not played badly Did you try many other models before getting this one? Yes very much. The SCHLAGWERK X-one, 2 in number 1, the number of peru, the Katho Rusti, t…

  • Contemporanea Tantam bois 14" x 70 cm

    Contemporanea Tantam bois 14" x 70 cm - " Deep bass"


    It's been a week since I use it I tried to craft models, the model home Contemporeana aluminum, and wood and aluminum models from home Gope. Deep bass sound and safe ... No need to "fry" No latency, installation nickel in Windows and Mac (jok…

  • Evans EC2

    Evans EC2 - fry1985's review


    VERSION for resonant, bass and adds shortcuts resonance. For all bad if you want a little less resonant AC prevents breakage dynamics with sticky on the skin, it adds more body and a lot of bass. PS: for those who notes rating on the material…

  • Meinl Shaker UFO

    Meinl Shaker UFO - solo84's review


    use in a home studio. Taken over by a AKG C414 UA LA-610. Dynamic microphones also give excellent results! I love this shaker. I have 5 or 6, very different from each other, but I always come back to it! For its "classic" sh sh sh sh sh to note, it…

  • Paiste Symphonic Gong 28''

    Paiste Symphonic Gong 28'' - " Exellent!"


    Perfect, full of his deep rich harmonics. One of my tools I use most often. Today, I will listen carefully to Wu Han. They are less regular basis in relation to each other, but can be more interesting than paiste. They are also less expensive. But li…

  • Schlagwerk CP 4005 - Beechwood

    Schlagwerk CP 4005 - Beechwood - " The great class!"


    Purchased one month since I played about thirty hours. I begin to master the thing so I would leave an opinion. Before buying this model, I tried about twenty different models. Meinl's and other brands that I have not marked ... Besides, before you…

  • Salto bongo

    Salto bongo - " Maximo Bueno Toto"


    Salto I have the last ten years I acquéru of Generation II, no name of the first Cambodian cheap copies, and Meinl fiber, well it's Salto who are doing best: more expressive than the LP low level, lighter but with a cylindrical probe, clear and conci…

  • Lp Bongos Giovanni Series

    Lp Bongos Giovanni Series - rounard75's review


    I acquired these bongos after a disappointing test on a model of entry. These bongos GALAXY LP are entering another dimension, more professional. An exemplary manufacturing (solid Ash), golden hardware, beautiful aesthetic. Contact with skin is nice,…