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Chromatic Percussion user reviews

  • Lp Chimes

    Lp Chimes - moosers's review


    I've been using the LP Chimes for a few years, although I've only used them a few times for recording.  I have used them at a recording studio that I sometimes go to as they have a great collection of percussion instruments, including this one.  Whil…

Translated user reviews

    PANArt HANG - soleylla's review


    It's been a few months since I have and it is surprising to find so many sounds on a small area (in reference to each of the notes). It takes a lot of details from the wealth of research sounds to be obtained. I tried several brands and many model…

  • Gewa Guimbarde 95mm N° 16

    Gewa Guimbarde 95mm N° 16 - " The friend of my dentist ..."


    Complete a command history in three small Thotho two products that promote the efficient shipping, I slipped this jalopy in my last order. I remember the one I had when I was a kid and I'm not parted forever, body and soul disappeared long ago. Soo…

  • No Name Balafon

    No Name Balafon - " no Guinea"


    Hello, I would like to give my opinion on the misleading title of the ad, it s is of a type Guinean balafon but manufactures in Burkina Faso (Mali or Burkina but I rather think), so it is not one Guinean balafon. ... the sound did not even have a Bal…

  • Tama vibraphone A444

    Tama vibraphone A444 - " Good vibes"


    I use it for 28 years I bought a catalog without trying other (rare instrument, absent from the shops, so it's normal) Inspired by MUSSER M55, as strong, smaller and lighter, easier to carry. Excellent sound. Adjusting engine speed knob linear fa…

  • Asaret Xylo

    Asaret Xylo - philback38's review


    I test the xylophone ASARET APX35-3, 3 and a half octaves in its flight case. We can say that it is a good product given the excellent quality price ratio. If it is to use the house everything is OK, but if you must group play with other instruments …

  • RESTA (Pierre-François) CLASSIC-TEMPO

    RESTA (Pierre-François) CLASSIC-TEMPO - adachab's review


    I use it for 3 months j've tried several MODELS before buying it I find the sound trs good for an instrument of study …

  • Bergerault Xylophone ETUDE 3 octave 1/2

    Bergerault Xylophone ETUDE 3 octave 1/2 - Tinduff31's review


    Is this material is still available for sale? …


    PANArt HANG - madelong's review


    I use it for 9 months (in the Paris metro, among other things) and I pick up yet ... it really is a fantastic instrument! The sonnorité is truly unique, carrying ca ... I tried two in store, a very special (special order, special acordage) and an…

  • No Name Guimbarde

    No Name Guimbarde - neoclash's review


    Jew's harp is according to some sources, a non-musical, which is played by entering FBRIL with the teeth and trying to cover with your finger. (See here ( ) ) this nice little instrument coteux (between about 4 an…