Percussion Congas
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Congas user reviews

  • Royce Procussion CF-450 Congas

    Royce Procussion CF-450 Congas - moosers's review


    The Royce Procussion CF-450 Congas are simple percussion instruments that can be used for use of any kind. We've got two of these at the studio where I'm currently working at, each of them being a slightly different size. I'm pretty sure they are o…

  • Latin Percussion Matador Congas

    Latin Percussion Matador Congas - mooseherman's review


    I have certainly played better congas than the Latin Percussion Matador Congas, at least briefly. However, I can't afford to pay half of what they cost. These congas certainly feel a lot more expensive than they are, and as such, are a great deal. Th…

  • Lp Congas

    Lp Congas - moosers's review


    I recently used the LP Congas for a recording session and I'm really happy with the way they sounded as they did the job quite well.  I've done a lot of recording with different LP percussion instruments and this is one of my favorite ones.  As far a…

  • Lp Junior Congas

    Lp Junior Congas - moosers's review


    The LP Junior Congas are a set of hand drums that are smaller than a typical conga but still pack a ton of punch and really sounds great.  They are well built and made of quality wood and heads, while they are mounted on a sturdy stand so you can pla…

  • Lp Congas Matador

    Lp Congas Matador - Drummerguy's review


    These are not bad drums, but they're not the top of the line for sure. The first conga I owned was a Matador conga, and it did its job and sounded fine and basically fit what I needed it to do perfectly. This line of drums (in the LP catalog) are r…

  • Lp Compact Congas

    Lp Compact Congas - Drummerguy's review


    The LP compact conga is an amazing invention (I've been practicing with one for about 3 years now). This instrument is suitable and pretty much perfect for practicing as it is easily transportable- all you need is this drum and a snare stand! This …

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