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moosers 07/21/2009

Lp Vibratone : moosers's user review


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The LP Vibratone is a really cool and unique percussive instrument brought to you by the fine makers of percussion over at LP.  The instrument offers a bell like tone that is produced in various ways by hitting it with a mallet and opening and closing the hole with your finger to achieve different tones.  As far as vibratones go, I have found LP's version of the instrument to be fantastic as it not only sounds great but is made out of extremely sturdy material and seems like it will last forever as long as it is treated right.  The LP Vibratone is great for live shows as well as recording and even though I don't use it all that often, it is nice to have around for when I do decide that I want to use it.  Like most of LP's products, the LP Vibratone isn't all that expensive and is a product that you only have to buy once because it is made right and sturdily.  It also has a really nice looking finish on it and glimmers quite nicely.  I really have no complaints about this instrument as it sounds great and functions perfectly whenever I need it.  While most people probably don't need to have this around as it isn't all that popular of a percussion instrument, having it around my studio proves to be handy as you never know when it will end up on a track out of nowhere.  It is funny how just because it is around you try it out and it ends up working a lot of the time!  I've grown to really enjoy the sound of this instrument and I don't think you can make a better one of these than this one.  If you are looking for a unique percussion instrument or already know what this sounds like and want one to add to your collection, the LP Vibratone is the way to go.