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Percussion user reviews

  • Tama Octobans 4 Pièces

    Tama Octobans 4 Pièces - "Tama Octobans"


    I got the octobans from a dealer ship, AJ's pro Percussion. I got them for a christmas present, and I think they were about 70 $$$. I love the sond, so I asked for them. I love the sound and look of this instrument. It is a high-piched but warm soun…

Translated user reviews
  • Gawharet El Fan Sombaty

    Gawharet El Fan Sombaty - " Best Darbouka plastic skin"


    I am a musician and teacher of percussion "world". I have therefore tried dozens of darbuka. I 've not found a equal to that mark. I speak of the darbuka (or Derbouka or doumbek) plastic skin; because the skin of fish or goat, sounding much more …


    PANArt HANG - soleylla's review


    It's been a few months since I have and it is surprising to find so many sounds on a small area (in reference to each of the notes). It takes a lot of details from the wealth of research sounds to be obtained. I tried several brands and many model…

  • Latin Percussion LP1207

    Latin Percussion LP1207 - " I love the percussion"


    I bought this drum in 2008 in a bundle Joey Castillo (QOTSA) who understand the jam block and a tambourine. This jam block is great, I love the sound, projection. I use it for accents, to support a strike on the snare drum or to replace a cross-s…

  • Waltons 10AWAL

    Waltons 10AWAL - " provided interesting to be a bit handy."


    Pack including a bodhrán, its cover, his drummer and a DVD. Bodhrán 18 "goatskin whose voltage is not adjustable. A bar through it and only once. When you have found the right position, it does not bother and even practice; I keep it. The ins…

  • Bauer Percussion UDU Drum

    Bauer Percussion UDU Drum - " Percussion Udu Drum brand Bauer, I adopted him and I can highly recommend it."


    I bought it at the store DJOLIBA Toulouse specializes in traditional craft instruments six world continents that I highly recommend the passage. At first I tried several Udu and I board chooses a great model from Latin Percussion and after three da…

  • Millenium BOX-1

    Millenium BOX-1 - " correct and cheap"


    I bought it in March 2014 a few months already, and had tried anything before, it was to fill the studio with real drums, and other VST drum appearing me too mechanical. It's almost the first prize so no regrets but actually no disappointment, it s…

  • Schlagwerk CP 562 Agile Pro - Capuccino

    Schlagwerk CP 562 Agile Pro - Capuccino - titiri2004's review


    I've had little temps.Je have chosen for its more dry it for recording. Its beautiful finitions.Le is adjustable and flexible thanks to agile system. The sound is clear and well équilibré.Le price is right considering the quality. …

  • Stagg CAJ-50

    Stagg CAJ-50 - Davdav's review


    Bought in 2009 for 100 euros ... I use it very rarely ... Disappointment for the 1st Cajon, originally bought to discover the intrument and possibilities, and as an instrument of study. Overall disappointed because it sounds like cardboard, try…

  • Schlagwerk CP104 X-one

    Schlagwerk CP104 X-one - " good percussion"


    I use the Cajon X-one for 5 years now, it is a gift that made me, so I could not choose it. obviously I do not know the purchase price. I can not advance the quality of design and sound are not an expert at all Cajon. on the other hand, I can as…