Percussion user reviews

  • Schlagwerk CP104 X-one

    Schlagwerk CP104 X-one - " good percussion"


    I use the cajon X-one for 5 years now, it is a gift I did, so I did not have to choose. I obviously do not know the purchase price. I can not qualify the quality of design and sound are not an expert in any of the cajon. For cons, I can assure t…

  • Fuzeau Triangle

    Fuzeau Triangle - " highly crystalline!"


    I use it exclusively in the studio sporadically according to the needs of my compositions. I have tried many, but this one is the finest (and incidentally the most granted) that I had in my fingers (after it remains on the perceived industrial base s…

  • Meinl TAH1AB

    Meinl TAH1AB - " go well in the mix too"


    Made of goatskin / Meinl in Thailand, a row of jingles, ergonomic rubber grip, real wood well varnished. I've had a year or two, it goes well in the mix and gives a little more human in the parts of software drumkit (hydrogen Linux). Or animations …


    Meinl TAMBOURIN BOIS - 2 RANGEES DE CYMBALETTES EN LAIT… - " Acute, but good!"


    The real tambourine with brass jingles breakthrough in the insured mix! However it will be too big and heavy for fast rhythm. Great for a double charley for example, or to play chopsticks. I tried lots of tambourines, shakers and others, and this one…

  • Meinl TAH2M-SNT

    Meinl TAH2M-SNT - " a pandeiro, which is not one original!"


    month, just! I tried "real" pandeiro craft before, it has the advantage of having super jingles, skin however could be more tense. The woods are selected and leave the live sound. In contrast, the default (and the advantage that the points of view) o…

  • Pearl Cloches agogo

    Pearl Cloches agogo - " Sound great!"


    More or less it has been 5 years that I use. Like any bell is aggressive in the upper midrange / treble The value for money is good, because it is a reliable instrument! I tried not to hurt agogos craft, and it's always a little snitch, either in wei…

  • Tanga TDFIBD12-16LG

    Tanga TDFIBD12-16LG - Drums44's review


    I use it for more than two years, it was a gift so I did not choose for myself. What I like most: The very modern sound, and I love it! The bass is deep, beautiful. Tonics are hard to get over, they sound very "plastic", but are slammed super-stro…

  • Tanga IRO135S

    Tanga IRO135S - " Excellent!"


    A friend had lent me, I used it occasionally for 1 year. I played quite a djembe, and this one is really a killer! What I like most: The sound! The slammed are beautiful full, deep bass and tonics that sound good, not hard to get .. The ghost notes…

  • Schlagwerk CP 4011 - Zebrano

    Schlagwerk CP 4011 - Zebrano - " Slap!"


    - How long have you use it? Cajon purchased in August 2013, so for about two months. - Have you tried many other models before buying it? I put not before misinformed about the different types of cajon and all models offered by the competit…

  • Meinl Headliner Series Cajon

    Meinl Headliner Series Cajon - " a cajon rock!"


    I use it for about 7 months. I choose among a range of Cajon 10zaine of any type and any size. As: -The look (we like it or not) It's a very broad general timbre made him a "snare cajon" with its "light box" very marked (little be a little …