Schlagwerk CP 4005 - Beechwood
Schlagwerk CP 4005 - Beechwood

CP 4005 - Beechwood, Cajon from Schlagwerk in the La Peru series.

Bitozar 07/15/2010

Schlagwerk CP 4005 - Beechwood : Bitozar's user review

«  The great class! »

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Purchased one month since I played about thirty hours. I begin to master the thing so I would leave an opinion.

Before buying this model, I tried about twenty different models. Meinl's and other brands that I have not marked ... Besides, before you try the brand Schlarwerg, I do not expect to buy a cajon and wanted me to a Djembe. Luckily I waited! And then I tried this brand. First the 404 which I immediately liked. Slammed a great and good bass. So why did not I take? Because the patch does not please me. While the 4005 ... Excellent! It does not break as much but the sound is warmer and more versatile instrument. Moreover, the tone is adjustable: it is composed of bells (not adjustable) and stressed strings (adjustable).

I found the tension that I like to have good bass, a scathing and slammed many variations depending on the power and the location of the strike. I can almost sound out charlet!

I can play everything, every style and the instrument responds well with a volume that depends on how you hit. I like playing with the tips of fingers as well but nag the whole hand. In all cases, the nuances are possible.

An excellent tool, a little more expensive than the models in "box" at 100 euros but well worth the.