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Percussion user reviews

  • Royce Procussion CF-450 Congas

    Royce Procussion CF-450 Congas - moosers's review


    The Royce Procussion CF-450 Congas are simple percussion instruments that can be used for use of any kind. We've got two of these at the studio where I'm currently working at, each of them being a slightly different size. I'm pretty sure they are o…

  • Lp RhythMix Egg Shaker

    Lp RhythMix Egg Shaker - moosers's review


    The LP RhythMix Egg Shaker is an inexpensive percussion instrument that is suitable for use in any situation. I've only used this shaker in the recording studio for overdubs. I'm not a drummer myself, but have both laid down parts myself with this …

  • Remo Tambourine

    Remo Tambourine - moosers's review


    Remo’s standard Tambourine is a 10 inch percussion instrument that I’ve used for recording with a friend of mine. I don’t own the instrument as it was his, but we’ve recorded with it a number of times in my home studio. The Tambourine is 10 inches …

  • Remo Prince Symbol Tambourine

    Remo Prince Symbol Tambourine - mooseherman's review


    This is a tambourine made by Remo that features the Prince symbol, from his days as "the artist formerly known as Prince." It has a black skin and frame, with the logo being in a tan, almost beige color. The drum has 8 pairs of jingles, has a 10'' di…

  • Millenium Pandeiro

    Millenium Pandeiro - mooseherman's review


    This is an interesting percussive instrument. I haven't been able to find too many of these around, and this is the one that I usually see for a relatively cheap price. According to the people I've discussed and my own attempts at playing the pandeir…

  • Stagg TAB-2

    Stagg TAB-2 - moosers's review


    The Stagg Tab 2 1/2 Size Tambourine with 16 cymbals is a simple percussion instrument, which I own and have used for both live shows and recording. I'm not a drummer, but I do often play different percussion instruments on my own recordings and on p…

  • Latin Percussion Matador Congas

    Latin Percussion Matador Congas - mooseherman's review


    I have certainly played better congas than the Latin Percussion Matador Congas, at least briefly. However, I can't afford to pay half of what they cost. These congas certainly feel a lot more expensive than they are, and as such, are a great deal. Th…


    Lp MAMBO 22CM NOIR - sanjuro's review


    This is another great cowbell from LP.  Almost all LP products are solid, and it just comes down to personal preference.  I really feel like this one is a standout.  It is very similar to the ridge rider rock cowbell, because of its size and deep sou…

  • Lp rock classic ridge rider

    Lp rock classic ridge rider - sanjuro's review


    This is a very good cowbell for rock and some other applications.  I have used this for almost 8 years, and it has earned a permanent spot in my home setup.  It produces a very classic sound because it reminds me of most of the cowbells I have heard …

  • Lp Vibra-Slap

    Lp Vibra-Slap - moosers's review


    The LP Vibra-Slap is a unique percussion instrument that you pull back and let go to create a large decaying rattle like tone.  It isn't an instrument that I use all the time, but it definitely does come in handy at times.  It comes in a few differen…