Percussion Bongos
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Bongos user reviews

  • Latin Percussion Generation II professional bongos

    Latin Percussion Generation II professional bongos - moosers's reviewhas images


    I recently got to check out the Latin Percussion Generation II Professional Bongos on a recording session and they're probably the best wood bongos of this size that I've used before. Usually you'll find bongos like this to be on the cheap, but as t…

  • Lp Matador M201

    Lp Matador M201 - Drummerguy's review


    I've owned these drums for about 7 years and I have mixed feelings about them. These are not the top of the line bongos from LP- most notably above it are the 'Generation II,' 'Galaxy,' and 'Giovanni Hidalgo' lines of drums. At the same time these …

Translated user reviews
  • Salto bongo

    Salto bongo - " Maximo Bueno Toto"


    Salto I have the last ten years I acquéru of Generation II, no name of the first Cambodian cheap copies, and Meinl fiber, well it's Salto who are doing best: more expressive than the LP low level, lighter but with a cylindrical probe, clear and conci…

  • Lp Bongos Giovanni Series

    Lp Bongos Giovanni Series - rounard75's review


    I acquired these bongos after a disappointing test on a model of entry. These bongos GALAXY LP are entering another dimension, more professional. An exemplary manufacturing (solid Ash), golden hardware, beautiful aesthetic. Contact with skin is nice,…

  • Meinl HB100

    Meinl HB100 - rounard75's review


    I chose this model bongo for a first quality instrument properly before starting an internship in my neighborhood. I had to meet my budget then (around 100/115 euros). In this perspective it is a relatively good choice for a serious beginner. However…

  • Salto bongo

    Salto bongo - pastagaga's review


    How long have you use it? I have been a decade the particular feature I like most: sound really nice on both the acute as the grave, has nothing to envy of the LP Longevity solidity I never changed the skins and they sound just as good mi…

  • Toca Percussion Bongos Traditional

    Toca Percussion Bongos Traditional - muchos's review


    I use bongos TOCA traditional for at least two years. The bill, finish and sound are excellent. The straps are very effective and especially do not hurt the tops of the palms. The inside of the barrels is without blemish as to the original skins,…


    Meinl BONGOS FREE RIDE SUNBURST - muchos's review


    I use Bongos MEINL free-ride for a few months in addition to toms. It provides powerful sound but always musical, with great strength (even the skins of origin) game in hand, the product is not yet mature enough to provide as much finesse as a TOCA…

  • Dixon Bongoes bois & peaux

    Dixon Bongoes bois & peaux - diss's review


    I possde the bongo for 18 years they are without a strong gal excellent sound slamming on the acute and round and warm sound on the bass thick wood and renforrts mtal shows in a very good finish I have tried many MODELS including LP and Salto…