Latin Percussion Generation II professional bongos
Latin Percussion Generation II professional bongos

Generation II professional bongos, Bongo from Latin Percussion.

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moosers 04/01/2011

Latin Percussion Generation II professional bongos : moosers's user review


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I recently got to check out the Latin Percussion Generation II Professional Bongos on a recording session and they're probably the best wood bongos of this size that I've used before. Usually you'll find bongos like this to be on the cheap, but as the name obviously states, these are professional. They do come in a few different variations, but the traditional version is the one that I've got experience with. I wasn't the player on the session but was recording it, so while I only got a chance to mess with playing them for a minute, I got an up close listen to them with a trained percussionist playing them. I was using a Josephson E22S microphone to record the bongos and was really happy with the end results. Even just when played in the room they sound fantastic as they are super crisp sounding and quite vibrant. A lot of bongos like this will sound pretty dead, but these are full of life and cut through quite nicely. They're also built extremely well and of the finest materials possible I believe for a set of bongos like this. Of course all this comes with the trade off of these being quite expensive for bongos. Unless you're indeed a professional who is after a very high quality set of bongos, I'd think most would be able to get away with using a pair not quite as expensive as this one. If you can afford them, all the power to you, but unless you're a percussionist who is working with these all the time, it's probably not necessary considering the price. For those who it is, the Latin Percussion Generation II Professional Bongos are some of the best available, and for those who it isn't LP definitely has some other nice models that aren't quite as expensive.

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