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Percussion user reviews

  • Lp Blast Blocks

    Lp Blast Blocks - moosers's review


    The LP Blast Blocks are a set of percussive instruments that are unique as I haven't seen any other ones than these.  The set comes with both a large and small version of the instrument (or one of the other depending on where you get these) and is su…

  • Lp Congas

    Lp Congas - moosers's review


    I recently used the LP Congas for a recording session and I'm really happy with the way they sounded as they did the job quite well.  I've done a lot of recording with different LP percussion instruments and this is one of my favorite ones.  As far a…

  • Lp Jam Block Set

    Lp Jam Block Set - moosers's review


    The LP Jam Block Set comes with two different wood blocks - a larger one and a smaller one that each have their own sound.  Each one comes with a clip so you can put it on your drum set if you want to, but I haven't done so since I'm not a drummer.  …

  • Lp Triangle

    Lp Triangle - moosers's review


    The LP Triangle is a basic triangle that will get the job done.  I don't know all that much about triangles, but I do know that this one will sound great for recording sessions.  I admit that I have only used this a few times as I don't often have a …

  • Lp Clave King

    Lp Clave King - moosers's review


    The LP Clave King is a set of clave percussion sicks as used in a lot Latin music.  I haven't used all of that many different types of claves and I would honestly imagine that most of them sound pretty similar, but I do know that these are made well …

  • Lp Chimes

    Lp Chimes - moosers's review


    I've been using the LP Chimes for a few years, although I've only used them a few times for recording.  I have used them at a recording studio that I sometimes go to as they have a great collection of percussion instruments, including this one.  Whil…


    Lp TIMBALES - moosers's review


    The LP Timbales are a set of timbale drums that have a great feel and look as well as sound quality.  LP is the best when it comes to percussion in my opinion and they are who I look to for all of my percussion needs.  I decided to pick up a set of t…


    Lp SUPER GUIRO - moosers's review


    The LP Super Guiro is a latin percussion instrument that is otherwise known as a scraper.  This version of the instrument comes with a sticker and the actually guiro itself.  I have used this instrument for recording on a number of occasions are I re…

  • Lp Vibratone

    Lp Vibratone - moosers's review


    The LP Vibratone is a really cool and unique percussive instrument brought to you by the fine makers of percussion over at LP.  The instrument offers a bell like tone that is produced in various ways by hitting it with a mallet and opening and closin…

  • Lp Junior Congas

    Lp Junior Congas - moosers's review


    The LP Junior Congas are a set of hand drums that are smaller than a typical conga but still pack a ton of punch and really sounds great.  They are well built and made of quality wood and heads, while they are mounted on a sturdy stand so you can pla…