Sound Percussion Multi Rods Brush Sticks
Sound Percussion Multi Rods Brush Sticks

Multi Rods Brush Sticks, Other Non-Chromatic Percussion from Sound Percussion.

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DubiousDubs 12/02/2011

Sound Percussion Multi Rods Brush Sticks : DubiousDubs's user review

« a must for any drummer who plays small acoustic venues or dinner bars »

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These sticks are very good at what they are meant to do. They are great at quieting one’s drum sound while not slowing down the attack. They have a different sound then solid sticks and are soft enough to play with a band to do acoustic stuff, or simple quiet rhythmic tones to aid in different either south-American style percussion, or African style stuff. I enjoy these because they are light, and are adjustable on how loose to make the tips.
Beware, too loose, and they will break like twigs. Also, another down side that I have noticed is a tendency for the middle sticks to start to come out when really playing hard. But, a good drummer will have control over attack, and not break them quickly. No big deal just a couple whacks on the ground and they are ready to crank again.
I liken these sticks to the perfect candle lit acoustic jam, and often use them for playing in small dinner cafe settings with a small 3 piece set. They are really great for getting sound out without over amplifying the down hits. Again, you will need to buy 2 sets, always have a backup handy just in case one breaks while playing, but this is common drumming knowledge and should be understood as such from the get go. As a guitarist, I’ve met drummers who refuse to use these, and i make sure to never work with them again. They help me distinguish the mindset of a crappy drummer from someone who understands their place in the band and there sound dynamic purpose. Every good drummer knows there is a time and place for these sticks, and a definite must carry for any drummer.
Also make sure to carry some black eletrical tape, as from the first day just one stick out of the pair has been rebellious and the rods tend to slip out which causes the other ones to shift in the rubber grip. This can be annoying and troublesome, but as long as you are aware, and take some eletrical tape to the problem it is solved.