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DiMarzio DP159 Evolution Bridge
DiMarzio DP159 Evolution Bridge
Diary Of An Axeman Diary Of An Axeman

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Published on 06/19/24 at 00:01
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Anyone
I bought my first Dimarzio Evolution pickups in 1997, for an S,S,H basswood 1996 H,S,H Jackson JDR Reverse neck, mahogany 1984 H,H,H Randy Rhoads/ Jackson and an alder 1997 Jackson PS4 guitars.
The bridge are rated at 13.84k ohms and 13.04 for the neck pickup.

On the basswood S,S,H routed JDR Jackson, I have a Bill Lawrence L-250 pickup on the neck position, a Dimarzio Fast Track 2 in the middle and the Evo in the bridge position.
It delivered ( luckily) the Steve Vai sound in the bridge position. It delivered the DLR's Eate'em Smile sound, Passion And Warfare and his White Snake Slip of The Tongue tone, down cold.

With the alder H,S,H Jackson guitar with Evo neck pickup, Fast Track 2 in the middle and Evo bridge pickup, it turned out be a total Thrash monster guitar tone, much like Metallica's Master Of Puppets or Pantera's Vulgar Display Of Power Assault.

The mahogany H,H,H configured RR/Jackson with guitar w/ three concentric stacked pots, made that guitar versatile enough to play 80's Hair Metal, Thrash or Classic 1980's Shred Guitar tones.

The bridge pickup, like the neck pickup, are made to kick your amp into total over drive, give you fat rhythm and searing pinch harmonics with ease, when playing leads .

The neck is very hot and sweetens up when you lower the volume knob. Just add a treble bleed cap to keep your high frequencies and you can have flexible tone machine, especially if you add a push/pull or push/push or Seymour Duncan Triple Shot pickup ring , you can get a beefy semi single coil sound.
With that kind of circuit on Evo neck pickup, you can get a great acoustic guitar sound with a acoustic simulator pedal or Modeler patch or program. And achieve a Jumbo Acoustic sound.

Both pickups are very sensitive to volume, tone knob manipulations to achieve different tonal variations and the pickup is sensitive to bridge, nut materials and series, parallel or different pickup splitting circuit that you install.