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Epiphone Les Paul Custom [1989-2012]
Epiphone Les Paul Custom [1989-2012]
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Published on 06/18/24 at 22:51
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Anyone
My wife gave me money, so I bought this guitar on my birthday at Guitar Center on December 21st, 2007.
She jokingly said, just as long as you get a guitar without a Floyd Rose... LOL !!!!
I tried out 8 different Epiphone Les Paul Custom guitars, until I got one that felt comfortable and had great tone. I chose the Alpine LPC.
This GC employee was quitting and decided to give me a great deal, $ 510.00 with the then top of the line SKB case and told me to leave immediately...LOL !!!!

The pickups sounded great, but I wanted something more aggressive, so I dropped in a Dragonfire Screamer Alnico 5 pickup (16.94k ohms), mounted a Wilkinson Roller bridge and a Schaller tailpiece with fine tuners. The original wax potted bridge and neck pickups were rated at 14.20k ohms and the neck pickup was 8.43k ohms.
The guitar totally out classed my 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom, in terms of tone, sustain and playability.
The Epiphone LPC action was lowered low and doesn't fret out at all, even when I do two and a half step bends and the Grover tuners still kept things in perfect tune.
The fret work was very good and needed minimal work, a tiny bit of file work on the 9th fret.
I own many of the top brand guitars ; Gibson, Fender, Jackson, Kramer and Ovation. This Epiphone can stand tall like a Gibson or any of the big brands.
Today, Epiphone has added better pickups, better internal wiring and is much closer to Gibson specs, but pre 2019 Epiphone guitars were great modification platforms and are a great value for your hard earned money.

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