Image Line Fruity Loops 9
Image Line Fruity Loops 9

Electronic Music Sequencer from the Fruity Loops series by Image LineView website

Users' review: Average mark of 4/5 for 5 reviews

Image Line Fruity Loops 9 : Nevrakse's user review

" Ease" 9 (9/10)

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Getting Started 9/10

Simple installation, configuration too .... fl is very easy to use.

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Installation simple,configuration aussi....fl est très facile à utiliser.

Suitability/Performance 9/10

I use it on a netbook (xp home sp3), and I did not encounter any worries for the com .... but for a live performance, I recommend the heavy for the least possible latency.

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Je l'utilise sur un netbook(xp home sp3),et je ne rencontre aucun soucis pour le la compo....mais pour une prestation live,je conseille du lourd pour avoir le moins de latence possible.

Overall Opinion 9/10

I use it since 3.5, and I would not change it, for its ease, its VST and samples instalables easily configurable and ... is its accessibility to the top!

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je l'utilise depuis le 3.5,et je ne le changerais pas ,pour sa facilité,ses VST et samples facilement instalables et configurable...son accessibilité est au top!!