Millenium MPS-300
Millenium MPS-300

Electronic Drum Kit

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Target: Beginners Value For Money: Excellent
zicopilote 05/07/2010

zicopilote's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Over time, by linking the mix (with the TD-6V), we see that the mechanics does not: Cymbals that break, which vibrates rack, screw foirent, plastics that crack, etc. ... manufacturing quality zero, zero reliability, thus constantly under repair in the first year!

Today, my cymbals take home with reinforcements, soon replaced by adaptations from real cymbals with the modified trigger, triggers toms, they are chaotic, forget the snare hits or play alone, with the same setting sensitivity!

All this despite the game not "nag, meshed skin quality, and meticulous maintenance is saying!

Provide brackets, screws, double-sided, patience, etc. ...

Short to use this material very quickly breaks clappers ... Too bad!
Fab'i 08/12/2009

Fab'i's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

How long have you use it?

For about 4 / 5 months
What is the particular feature you like best and least?

1 - possitive points, ease of play, sounds ralistes enough for such a price, its lgert and relatively small scale, the rglage trs simple affectionate, some of MALG goals caothiques I received my touver rglages in Hardware, now it's perfect.
2 - Points ngatifs I use ALESIS DM 5 with 99% of sounds does nothing but serve me tell you that most of the time with the same drumkit modlisateurs lctonique. Personally I bought it at Thomann my surprise no manual book I've silent m'ad of the few photos on the internet now I'm pretty well this n 'silent Luckily not very complicated that no one n'tait IKEA furniture <img class="smiley" src="" alt="biggrin" /> , Trs not robust to a brute like me <img class="smiley" src="" alt="mrgreen" /> , Cymbals a little too rudimentary, but it includes the price, trs screws are bad quality and the thread

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?


How do you report qualitprix?


Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...

* Yes background <img class="smiley" src="" alt="wink" /> More than enough for beginners, I am guitarist base. I'm really telling a lot of point Mylen ngatif. 9 for all this but I'm beginners ca me more than enough, Do not hesitate if you start taking ca.
IbanSteeN 03/27/2009

IbanSteeN's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

I wanted for a while to buy a drumkit electronic, in order to train quietly and to earn a maximum of place, to record with some of my models as EZdrummer VST. At first I thought the Roland TD3 KW, but the acquisition of 900 ncessaires this dernire not within my budget, I immediately pass my way ... And then I came across this little electronic drum on Thomann, Submitted to several advantages:

- The price
- The malabilit (you can move the pads aisment original skin cells)
- The look (plutt class ^ ^)

I ordered first a Roland TD3 module on ebay, then I went on our beloved German supplier to order the drumkit, and then as I still had a lot of money, I also took the covers Guitar floorboard and a double pedals etc. ....

I command all of last Wednesday, one week I have all REU APRS!

In dballage, I was surprised: The rack is of excellent quality for the price, with a nice look "carbon" pads are great, a bit noisy yes, but I plan to pass mesh-skin for later;) (see tutorial of vetjc)

The rponse is quite good with the TD3, there are some good rglages do but nothing too mchant.

Also note that the bass drum pedals that came with does not bind on the kick! Yet there is a site with holes for the screws, but it is not compatible. Nothing really mchant either.

For an electronic drumkit Premire, honest I'm bluffing it's good quality for a great price (289) I advise all beginners drummers on a budget to start I think you can not RVer better!

NB: I pay a total of 700 with 900 against all my accessories for the TD3, all that was worth it!

Ciao's zicos! ;)
joe5hops 01/02/2009

joe5hops's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Received 15 days ago with a Roland TD-9 module, a mesh pad PD-1010, a CY-5 and a controller FD-8, I will amplify it all down. I thought this config to play in the halls or my acoustic drum does not fit ;-) or when the noise level is limited.
As usual, proceeds received on time, home delivery (one day it will explain to the carriers that individuals often have a job between 9 and 18h ​​so that it is stupid to deliver during these times!) And good packaging.

The rack: The bulk of the job is mounting the rack, at least 2 hours to have something that fits, the record is ... hungry (one sheet!) so if you have not made Mecano Lego or small, you can call a friend! It has the advantage of being able to invent his own disposition, because we do what we want to trial and error! Otherwise, the rack looks solid and there is room above. For my part, 4 toms and 2 cymbals HH + 1 + 1 + 1 pad Ride CC + module! Regret, all the elements (pads, parts of the Rack ..) is fixed with screws square (type drums) and therefore no butterflies for assembly / disassembly is missed!
The wiring: The MPS-300 comes with all cables ... but not for a TD-9! In fact it comes with its own special multicore so you have such an adapter to connect a Mesh Pad Thomann DP-1010 (XLR) on the TD-9 (male Stereo Jack!) Nothing too serious but that is .
The three cymbal pads: a bit noisy and mono = one sound is not very serious for a crash but a hi-hat and ride is a shame. So I completed a pad Roland CY-5 for the ride and a pad 8 (I already had) for charley.
The four pads Tom / CC: Same, single => single sound. Okay for toms, but not great for CC because no game Rimshot. So I completed a mesh pad Thomann DP-1010. The touch pad is better than the original MPS-300 (sensitive but noisy) and above the circle trigger.
The GC pad: RAS is exactly the same technology as the toms, so quite noisy. Comes with a pedal GC entry-level, very proper to begin.
The controller Charley: Nice, but a big crap as I expected! Let me explain: No nuance, the hi-hat is open or closed, no middle ground. So a module for use with entry-level it does not matter (TD-3 or type DTXplorer) but with a TD-9 is the waste. That's why I also ordered a Roland controller (FD-8)

As I wrote above, everything is connected to a TD-9 and after playing 10 years on a TD-7 and tried a long TD-3, a DTXplorer and HD-1 (no comment), y ' no photo! More sounds (drum, I said), sounds very good, more configuration options (the tension of the skin, the diameter of the cymbal or was ..) Be careful to get something out of the couple-TD 9/MPS-300 we must take the lead on setting a minimum (try different settings Trigger sensitivity) but after it is happiness!

The + is the value for money as often Thomann and modularity
The - Charley is the controller and the snare pad, change of emergency.

At the moment I do not regret my choice if I had the same budget, I would do exactly the same choice.
adelin 10/31/2008

adelin's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " qualitprix good value, solid, practical and accssible!"

Good sailing for two months I bought a millennium mps 300 mesh TD3 special set at Thomann. there's really nothing to fault the service thomann, is fast and neat!
in terms of drumkit pads, toms are rather noisy but with a headphone can not hear them if you do not play too hard and it is apparently very easy to replace them with mesh skin who makes the best sensitivity, and the game more enjoyable!
snare mesh perfectly silent and only BMOL the circle contains no sensor so it is not Stereo, but hey it can go again.
the pads, cymbals, are still quite noisy but all the same unless those toms! the hi-hat pedals that do not open gre / frm which can be quite embtan, it makes a little noise and does not really feel like a real hi-hat pedals under the foot! sounds TD3 module are quite satisfactory and allows the addition of a pad.
basically for the price it is really good, and I think regret is that I can s'apliquer has almost every electronic batteries! I think if I make another dev purchasing choices, first I will inquire about the price of good acoustic insulation so as not to generate my neighbors with the noise!
Here I hope that it will help you make your choice!
eoth 03/11/2008

eoth's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

I use it for two days so the feelings are "hot" I'll tell you later if I changed my mind! ;)

what I like least is the touch of Charley that handles poorly, both at the pedals as the cymbal (nb: this is the same pad for cymbals)

if I chose the model with a meshead is enough raliste at Rebound
for toms, but they are noisy aisment editable mesh by adding skins
the bass drum is very sensitive but it must be a matter of rglage

I took the model with the ALESIS DM5 module, it offers many ralistes sounds more or less, but all is set right. there sounds a bit like rap DLIR or mixes with guitar on the toms!

the price quality ratio is good, never tried other models, I know if I do it again this choice.
jester-bl 09/11/2007

jester-bl's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

- How long have you use it?

a few days!

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

-Bass drum pad is a lot of noise ... So better to put a meshed skin.
Charley hold it when it is open and has a medium tempo (I use a DM5).
-Tom pads do not make so much noise that his, I do not think the change in skin cell ...

This is my first electronic drums and apart from these few points, I love it.
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

Roland TD3, and I much prefer the pads millennium.

- How do you report qualitprix?

Being given that we can change the pads, the report qualitprix is ​​quite good.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

I use it only recently, but for now, yes!

EDIT: Hi-Hat pedal pete ... will know how?! In any case, since I put my electro, it works more!
julien_web 07/28/2007

julien_web's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

- How long have you use it?
Few hours.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
excellent qualitprix, trs good strength of the rack, wiring included with the same basic kit without module, the skins are not that famous lgrement more noise than the basic roland pads. The bass drum pedals a bit much beginners, a drummer confirm the pedals appear even for, but confirm a drummer worthy of the name adj his own bass drum pedals worth as much as the MPS-300. The cymbals can not be hit by squeezing with your hand, but it is a dtail, and the snare is not stro at the sensor (= no circle on which little hit and sending a signal to the module) but it is also a dtail ... for the price we will not ask for a trip into space right?

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Yes, of Roland TD6.

- How do you report qualitprix?
We can not do better!

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
Hsiter without a second, because 3x cheaper than a pack Roland TD-6, and only slightly less well in the pads, much better at the rack is not only feature children at home roland (joke), trs marries well with a TD-6 REFES rglages few quick at the sensitivity of the pads. Pub to play with my group it's great when you're limited in dB! In addition to watching the tutorial Audiofanzine groin for 50 euros on this famous German site you can change all your sensors and your skin to have a great touch style roland td-12.
I have long hsit because of 1 or 2 comments on AudioFanzine, but I really do not regret it! Go ahead go for it head down! 9 / 10 for ptits default (pedals, and skins)
chamag 03/08/2007

chamag's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

it is thanks to those who have taken the time to write their opinions on the drumkit 300 MPS on this forum, which I really needle in my research, I give my opinion on this one, I just to purchase 15 days ago and I am completely satisfied.
it after a few tries to store batteries Roland and Yamaha, I fell on the forum talking about the drumkit MPS 300. I&#39;m new drumkit, knowing that I did a lot of rhythm with sequencers (keyboard) and I played a little earlier in real time with friends in a while. I was excited about the different opinions about this and I started, although I can, to 300 mps with Roland TD3 module.
First, the first point I liked is the purchase price. For 600 euros, I thought the "risk" was limited.
Then, the aesthetical is very flattering. The appearance of acoustic drums is a real plus compared to the electronic pad type batteries. The rack is well made, nice and solid.
So I decided to order from thomman with two skins for the mesh snare and bass drum (head mesh) and two cones Roland (roland cushion) to test the installation explained in the tutorial. (I planned, so if the installation charge proved, to pass the 3 toms later head mesh).
thomman site is well done, with their business contacts (in French) by e-mail works well. However, I had to wait a month for delivery (out of stock at thomman). However, the delivery date was held and the equipment has arrived, the scheduled day, by UPS, and in very good condition.
Next step, the initial assembly. The no big worry. Of course, there are no instructions, but with two or three pictures, one is doing well, without being a pro yourself. The only tool is a square key supplied with the kit. Basically, the rack is mounted in an hour and the pads in an hour also made connections (everything is marked, with colors etc etc ...). And there is happiness! The quality of the Roland module is really very good (for cons, I do not know the quality of module dm 5 or whatever, so I can not compare), and in any case, suffuse much for me. There are 32 drum kits and the module is very easy to use. The plastic pads are a little noise, but it is playable without any problems.
The second step is the change in skin mesh. It&#39;s a bit stressed that I removed a tom, asking if I was not a mistake by touching something that worked well ... And again a nice surprise! I did an installation even simpler than the tutorial and that works very well! Here are the details of yourself (which takes only 10 minutes by tom ...)
1 - Unscrew the four screws that hold the whole.
2 - remove the plastic skin, the two foams (beware of the son of piezo).
3 - keep the metal plate with the black foam bonded (thin, about 3 mm), and returned on piezo
4 - glue the cone on the piezo roland (this one comes with a double-sided tape)
5 - the metal plate is not very good (presence of glue etc), I put a blank sheet of paper cut into circles with a hole in the middle to let the cone roland, just for aesthetical .. .
6 - to mesh the skin and tighten everything.
7 - play and have fun. In fact, I have not even had to Reassign module to play. Afterwards, if you want to be purist, is refined ... But frankly it&#39;s not mandatory.

Note: the installation is the same for all the toms, including the bass drum.

The passage in skin mesh is very easy to do (I am not at all Electronics), and the gain is really huge. The sensitivity, skin reaction and comfort are exceptional. So, I ordered the skins and cones to change the following three toms.

In summary, I am super happy with this purchase. I now have a drumkit with a Roland TD3 module, a snare and a bass drum with mesh head (soon all the drumkit will be meshed skin) for only 700 euros and 90 minutes of briolage ... just look at the price of batteries in the other brands in skin mesh to achieve the interest that the 300 mps.
Of course, it is regrettable that the cymbals are fixed, the hi-hat pedal is a little "cheap", but honestly, this is not harmful to all (the most discerning can always change one of the .. .). I do not regret this purchase, I thank all those who gave their opinions on this site and that allowed me to take the plunge, I do it again today and I advise anyone who wants to make electronic drums, with sound quality, look and feel of electronic drums, with a budget unbeatable!
morgan3 01/11/2007

morgan3's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Hi, I want to make a purchase of a MILLENIUM MPS-300, but I do not know which module take at performences and qualities.
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